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CNN senior editor Paul Glader interacts with Seychellois media practitioners |14 October 2023

CNN senior editor Paul Glader interacts with Seychellois media practitioners

The session in progress

CNN senior editor, Dr Paul Glader, engaged in a productive exchange with around 20 Seychellois media professionals during a three-hour discussion centered on the theme ‘Going beyond the 5 Ws: Delving Deeper and Enhancing Context in Journalistic Narratives’.

This event was coordinated by the United States of America (USA) embassy in collaboration with the University of Seychelles (UniSey). A Fulbright specialist, distinguished senior editor at Cable News Network (CNN) Business on in New York City, and former journalism, entrepreneurship, and media professor, Dr Paul Glader interacted with students at UniSey and other media experts during his visit to Seychelles.

He emphasised the importance of journalism, stating that "journalism is somewhat like priesthood, a commitment to delivering accurate information, promoting public knowledge, and safeguarding the public's right to know”.

In his insights about the significance of a responsible media, Dr Glader stressed the value of trained journalists with wider audiences. “Trained journalists know how to ask questions and citizens can do that too…but having ethics and responsibility on how we do it is important. The work of a journalist is different from an influencer.”

Discussing the journalistic landscape in Seychelles, Dr Glader humbly acknowledged that he is continuously learning. He commended the nation's vibrant media ecosystem, comprising diverse print, radio, and television outlets. He emphasised the role of educational institutions in shaping the future of journalism and noted the ongoing discussions with UniSey about its curriculum.

Dr Glader concluded the meeting with a powerful message: "Quality journalism rebuilds trust; it embodies thoroughness, context, depth, significance, inquisitiveness, critique, and enhances public knowledge, fostering a prosperous society. A journalist's role is as influential and honourable as that of any politician. Journalism and journalists can bolster a society's self-governance."

Dr Glader's extensive career includes a decade as a staff writer at The Wall Street Journal, where he covered corporate subjects such as global metals and mining, as well as technology. He authored features on a range of business and lifestyle topics, including extreme sports and youth culture.

Dr Justin Zelime, dean of the faculty of arts and social development at UniSey, emphasised the need for responsible journalism and the institution's commitment to training young individuals for improved performance.

Jonathan Koehler, US embassy’s public affairs officer, underscored the strong collaboration between Seychelles and the US. He highlighted various projects, including the Fulbright programme, English language learning, work experience through the Bridge USA Ambassador scholarship fund, professional experience and networking opportunities in the USA, environmental conservation, trade and commercial development, counter-narcotics efforts, regional security and defense cooperation, and maritime security and regional defense collaboration.

At the end of the event, Dr Glader gifted some books to UniSey as a token of appreciation.

The media professionals who attended the workshop expressed their gratitude for this invaluable opportunity and encouraged the continuation of similar initiatives.


Text and photos: Vidya Gappy



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