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LDS holds annual convention   |02 October 2023

LDS holds annual convention   

President Ramkalawan delivering his keynote address

‘With LDS...A positive Seychelles’


It was under the theme ‘With LDS...A positive Seychelles’ that the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) party convened its annual convention at the ICCS yesterday afternoon.

Party leader Roger Mancienne reminded leaders and activists of the values on which the party was elected, including national unity, change and responsibility in the country’s governance and among the nation.

Mr Mancienne stated that LDS paved the way for building a solid foundation for the nation’s progression, urging collective effort towards building a prosperous Seychelles for the future generations.

“We chose this theme for our convention, as it encompasses what we are doing, and what we wish to accomplish,” Mr Mancienne stated.

In his keynote address, Honorary President Wavel Ramkalawan expressed LDS’ commitment to fostering positivity in Seychelles, while acknowledging the persistence of negativity within society.

President Ramkalawan pointed out that despite a prevailing spirit of positivity among those seeking the nation's advancement, the shadows of negativity persist, notably within the National Assembly.

He emphasised the contrast between citizens who seek the truth and individuals who promote falsehood, persons advocating for clarity against those spreading confusion, and those who support development versus those inclined towards regression.

He reiterated the LDS party's dedication to advancing Seychelles' progress, while supporting the aspirations of Seychelles' youth.

Highlighting the government's commitment to ending division, discrimination, favouritism, victimisation, inequality, corruption, and abuse, aligning with the spirit of positivity, he called on supporters to be patient to allow the country to heal from past wounds. Furthermore, he encouraged citizens to seek clarification, analyse, and avoid jumping to conclusions.

President Ramkalawan cautioned against violating the laws of the country, emphasising that even LDS supporters would face consequences, especially concerning the war on drugs.

Outlining the achievements of the LDS government over the past three years, he highlighted investments in tourism, fisheries, and agriculture, promising an upcoming announcement about a development on Long Island. He also listed several infrastructure projects undertaken by the LDS government, including the La Digue hospital.

President Ramkalawan reaffirmed the government's commitment to using funds for national development and improving infrastructure in all communities, such as the forthcoming clinics in Baie Lazare and East Mahé for Cascade, Pointe Larue and Anse aux Pins.

“We are moving forward as we believe that the future of this country can be a very bright one, but every one of us must be engaged and have the conviction,” President Ramkalawan stated.

Regarding the tourism industry, he expressed confidence in the industry's recovery, expecting arrivals to approach or even surpass 2019 levels by year-end.

Regarding the economy, he echoed the IMF's assessment that Seychelles' economic performance remains solid, projecting a 3 percent growth in the current year. However, he cautioned about external vulnerabilities, such as rising oil prices affecting domestic prices and electricity tariffs.

He commended the inspirational addresses delivered by Anna Bistoquet and Havilah Melanie, showcasing a hopeful future guided by positive intentions.

Member of the LDS executive committee Anthony Derjacques presented four resolutions at the Convention, all of which were unanimously adopted. These resolutions are outlined as follows:

  1.         The government should embark on and promote a positive approach in all its undertakings, including the effective resolution of challenges and difficulties it encounters.
  2.         The party should persist in the process of reorganisation, revitalisation, and restructuring at all levels, including district-level efforts, as part of preparations for the 2025 elections.
  3.         There is a strong need to actively support and involve young people, particularly women, in greater numbers in the governance and political affairs of the nation.
  4.         The Convention extends its congratulations to the government for its unwavering commitment to democracy, human rights, and freedom of expression. However, it also calls upon all individuals to show respect and exercise greater responsibility, especially when it comes to their conduct on social media and within the National Assembly.

Other matters on the agenda were the reports of the Party Leader, Secretary-General Gervais Henrie, and Treasurer Devika Vidot, as well as a moment of silence for party members and activists who have since passed.

Party leader Roger Mancienne urged all leaders and activists to convene on Tuesday October 3 at the National Library, in memory of the 2006 incident whereby leaders were beaten and brutalised by law enforcement authorities in their fight for freedom of expression. 


Laura Pillay


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