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Athletics: Seychelles Former Athletes Association (SFAA) Competition |29 September 2023

Athletics: Seychelles Former Athletes Association (SFAA) Competition

Former athletes honour their fallen comrades


To keep alive the memories of past track and field stars who have left us, some prematurely, leaving behind their legacies as inspirations for the younger generations of athletes, the Seychelles Former Athletes Association recently hosted track and field competition, bringing back the excitement at Stad Popiler, home of the thrills in the 80s and early 90s.

The activity, the second to be hosted by the Seychelles Former Athletes Association (SFAA), brought together over 20 ex-athletes who competed in various events, including 100m, 200m, 400m, 15,00m, mixed-relay 80m, high-jump, long-jump, and shot-put.

The SFAA was set up to allow all former athletes to stay in touch, but most importantly active, especially after their days of competing are done, through activities for health benefits.

Commenting on the second event, the association’s chairman, Joseph Volcy, said they are satisfied with the turn-out, even if the number of athletes was far less than on the registration form.

He thanked those who turned up despite the bad weather to make the event a success.

The event, which received the support of a group of athletes from the Indian Ocean Tuna (IOT), was hosted to honour the late Danny Beauchamp, Alex Confait and Arthur Agathine.

Among those who turned up were Danny Benoit, Paul Lesperance, Beryl Larame, NajoiePhiloé, Simon Labiche, Giovanni Fanny, RencyBalgobin, Vincent Cedras, among others and they competed in three teams – Champions (Blue), Legends (Yellow), and Elites (Red) – along with the group from the IOT.


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