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LWMA commemorates Clean Up the World with tree planting activity |22 September 2023

LWMA commemorates Clean Up the World with tree planting activity

As part of activities to commemorate the Clean Up the World campaign 2023, the Landscape and Waste Management Agency (LWMA) organised a tree planting activity yesterday morning at Ile Perseverance.

Sixty (60) plants, namely coconut saplings, were planted for the occasion.  

LWMA was assisted by the Seychelles Land Transport Agency (SLTA) and the Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA). Also present during the activity was deputy chief executive of the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority (SMSA), Andy Gobine; LWMA board member Ian Charlette; and the Seychelles Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture (SIAH).

In his address the chief executive of LWMA, Shane Emilie, mentioned it is important to come together to promote cleanliness in Seychelles, noting that people rallying to clean public areas has been part of Seychellois culture.

“As an agency, LWMA appreciates the support we receive from our partners which is very important as maintaining cleanliness in Seychelles is everyone’s responsibility,” Mr Emilie said.

He also said that when the country remains clean the value it brings benefits not only our visitors and the locals but also the biodiversity of the animals that are cohabiting in those areas.

“Our environment provides us with many services and good things that we need to acknowledge and without the environment we would not have a place to live, therefore we all need to join hands to keep it clean,” said Mr Emilie.  

He mentioned that the designated area for the tree planting was chosen as they have seen there is a lack of vegetation on that plot of land on Ile Perseverance.

“The fact that the agency is involved in landscaping we said why not contribute for the district of Perseverance and for the benefit of its residents,” said Mr Emilie.

Speaking to Seychelles NATION, Mr Emilie said that they are taking up landscaping in public areas on a national stage and through their regular inspections they have recognised the necessity to create a certain image on the plot of land where they are planting the trees.

“The coconut trees will provide some shade to the area and its boundaries while providing a habitat for different species. We are also aware there will be development on this plot of land and thought of making a contribution in regard to landscaping,” mentioned the CEO.

Referring to the agencies taking part in the activity, he said LWMA enjoys good relations with them as it often liaises with them on different projects and activities.

He thanked all their partners who assisted with the activity and said that they were satisfied on how the activity went and are continuing with the tree planting campaign and reforestation.

Project manager at SLTA, Leroy Raguin, mentioned that they are sometimes involved in the cutting down and relocation of trees, upon LWMA’s request, and they felt that they should also play a role in the tree-planting activity.

“We took the initiative to join the efforts today in planting some coconut trees and offer our support to LWMA with the aim of giving back to the community,” said Mr Raguin.

Speaking on behalf of SLA, Shannon Françoise said that their presence was to also give back to the community as it is important to care for the environment.

“It is a very good initiative from LWMA as I am also a resident of Perseverance and the area needed revamping with vegetation. Obviously the plants will not grow at super speed but once we see the fruits of our labour from this activity it will be a very nice feeling and I am proud to play a role today,” she added.

The event concluded with general cleaning of the area along with door-to-door interactions with individuals in the community promoting proper waste management and cleanliness of the country.


Text & photos by Neil Sirame

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