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Elevating the Art of Mixology:   |19 September 2023

Elevating the Art of Mixology:   

The two Gran Kaz staff who followed the IBA Elite Course in Singapore

Two Gran Kaz staff members shine at IBA Elite Course in Singapore


In the world of hospitality, continuous learning and innovation are keys to success. This adage holds true for Jocelien Belize and Jeanette Rose, two dedicated staff members of Gran Kaz who recently embarked on a remarkable journey to enhance their skills and knowledge in the art of bartending.

From August 20 to 30, they had the privilege to attend the prestigious IBA Elite course held at the elegant Furama Riverfront Hotel, along the vibrant Robertson Quay in Singapore.


A glimpse into the course

The IBA Elite course is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum that covers various facets of the bar and beverage industry.

Over the ten-day intensive programme, Jocelien and Jeanette delved into a plethora of subjects aimed at elevating their expertise. Some of the key topics included:

● Bar Management: Learning the ropes of efficiently running a bar, from inventory management to staff supervision.

● Beer: Exploring the diverse world of beer, its types, brewing processes, and serving techniques.

● Elements of Cost: Understanding the financial intricacies of running a bar and optimising costs.

● Bar Marketing: Strategies for effective marketing and branding of a bar.

● Bar Promotion: Innovative ways to attract patrons and keep them engaged.

● Bar Control: Implementing measures to ensure quality control and prevent losses.

● Bar Marketing Promotion (Group Work Presentation): Collaborative projects to apply the principles learned in a real-world setting.

● Drinks Trends: Staying up-to-date with the latest beverage trends and customer preferences.

● Break-even Analysis: Calculating the point at which revenue equals expenses, a vital skill in managing profitability.

● Training on Intervention Procedure/Responsible Service of Alcohol: Promoting responsible alcohol service and handling potentially challenging situations.

● Country and Drinks: Exploring the unique beverages and drinking cultures of different countries.

● Spirits: In-depth knowledge of various spirits, their origins, and characteristics.

● Wine of the World: A journey through the world of wines, from different grape varieties to regions of production.

● Wine Sensory & Evaluation: Developing the ability to assess and appreciate the subtleties of wines.

● Visit to Pacific Breweries (Tiger): An immersive experience visiting a renowned brewery, gaining insights into the brewing process.

● Written Exam: Assessing the acquired knowledge and skills through a comprehensive written examination.


Raising the bar at Gran Kaz


“Jocelien and Jeanette’s participation in the IBA Elite course reflects Gran Kaz's commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to our patrons,” said Shama Amesbury, PR and communications manager at Gran Kaz.

“By investing in our staff's professional development, we ensure that we stay at the forefront of the hospitality industry.”

With their newfound expertise, Jocelien and Jeanette are poised to create unforgettable cocktails, offer valuable recommendations to patrons, and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere at Gran Kaz. Their knowledge of responsible service and beverage trends will undoubtedly continue to elevate the bar's reputation and customer satisfaction.

Jeanette shared her thoughts on the course, saying, “The course was challenging, but fulfilling. I learned so much and was able to further solidify my knowledge. I look forward to putting the new skills learned into practice.”

Food and beverage manager at Gran Kaz, Jocelien echoed Jeanette’s sentiments, adding, “The overall experience was amazing. Singapore is an incredible country; the people are very friendly and welcoming. The course was well structured and organised. The course conductor was demanding, and I know I walked away from this course with a whole arsenal of skills to improve not only my mixology craft but also service delivery.”

As Jocelien and Jeanette return to Gran Kaz with their enhanced skills and knowledge, the bar's patrons can look forward to an even more exceptional and memorable experience. Their dedication to their craft and their passion for mixology will undoubtedly keep Gran Kaz as a top hotspot for cocktail enthusiasts and tourists alike.

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, investing in staff training is a recipe for success, and Gran Kaz's decision to send Jocelien and Jeanette to the IBA Elite course in Singapore is a testament to its commitment to excellence. It's not just a training programme; it's an investment in the future of Gran Kaz, and one that is sure to pay off in the form of satisfied customers and a thriving business.


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