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Absa Bank Seychelles clinches title of Best Digital Bank in Seychelles for 2023 by Digital Banker Africa |16 September 2023

Absa Bank Seychelles clinches title of Best Digital  Bank in Seychelles for 2023 by Digital Banker Africa

    Exceptional digital innovations catapult Absa Seychelles to top honours


In a remarkable achievement, Absa Bank Seychelles has secured the highly coveted accolade of being named the Best Digital Bank in Seychelles by Digital Banker Africa.

This recognition shines a spotlight on Absa Seychelles' unwavering commitment to transforming the financial landscape through innovative digital solutions.

The panel of judges, comprising industry experts and thought leaders, recognised the bank’s steadfast dedication to improving customer convenience, ensuring robust security measures, and fostering financial inclusion.

From its inception, the bank embarked on a digital journey, consistently staying ahead of technological advancements from a Seychelles perspective.

Absa Seychelles’ pioneering step into internet banking in 2012 marked the beginning of this journey, soon followed by the rollout of a mobile banking application enriched with biometric authentication capabilities.

This strategic embrace of cutting-edge technologies played a pivotal role in clinching the distinguished award.

A standout feature that set Absa Bank Seychelles apart was its strategic integration of emerging technologies. The integration of AI-powered chatbot Abby and sophisticated fraud detection mechanisms propelled by AI algorithms delivered a tailored digital banking experience while ensuring the highest standards of security and privacy for its customers.

Nazim Mahmood, managing director of Absa Bank Seychelles, said that the award echoes the dedication and unwavering commitment of the Absa Seychelles team in delivering excellence within the realm of digital banking.

"We are humbled by the acknowledgment as the Best Digital Bank in Seychelles by Digital Banker Africa. This achievement profoundly aligns with our continuous pursuit of innovation,” he said.

“As we navigate the boundaries of digital banking and providing tailored, modern solutions for our customers, we will also wholeheartedly advance our collective mission to empower Africa's tomorrow together... one story at a time,” he stated.

The bank's focus on fostering financial inclusion resonated with the judging panel and initiatives such as cash recycling ATMs and a seamless digital onboarding system have significantly broadened access to banking services in Seychelles.

In response to the accolade, Mr Mahmood added, “Absa Bank Seychelles has long aimed to democratise banking, and this recognition underscores the alignment of our efforts with the needs of our diverse customer base and the Central Bank of Seychelles has played a pivotal role in fostering this environment, providing a supportive regulatory framework that encourages innovation and digital transformation in the banking sector."

The judging panel also commended the bank's forward-thinking strategy in anticipation of the future of digital banking. Absa Bank Seychelles is poised to introduce QR code payment options, versatile soft POS machines, buy now pay later services, and a heightened emphasis on contactless payments in the near future. These strategic moves underscore the bank's commitment to evolving its digital offerings in harmony with evolving customer preferences.

With this prestigious recognition in hand, Absa Bank Seychelles continues its journey of sustained growth, continued achievements, and a commitment to pioneering digital innovations in the dynamic world of banking.



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