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“The digital era has ushered in remarkable changes” |15 September 2023

“The digital era has ushered in remarkable changes”

“As a young graphic artist in the education field, I view the evolving education landscape as a vibrant canvas of innovation and transformation. The digital era has ushered in remarkable changes, and my role within this landscape is both exciting and impactful.

“One significant shift is the increased reliance on visual content for effective learning. With the proliferation of online courses and e-learning platforms, the demand for visually appealing materials has surged.
“Moreover, the move towards personalised and adaptive learning experiences presents a thrilling challenge. Graphic artists play a crucial role in tailoring visuals to individual learning styles, making education more inclusive and effective.
“However, keeping pace with technology trends and design innovations is a constant requirement. To succeed in this dynamic field, continuous learning and adaptability are key.”

Thallurah Labonte

Graphic artist

Ministry of Education

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