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“Education starts at home” |15 September 2023

“Education starts at home”

“Firstly, we need to understand what education means. Is it only when we enter Creche year 1 until the last professional centres? In my point of view education is how we position ourselves in knowledge, in our family, community, society, country, even in the world.

“There are many issues negatively impacting Seychelles’ educational system, ranging from teachers being disrespected by both students and parents, lack of leadership skills, mismanagement, and unsafe school environment to social ills.

“A new education landscape requires the involvement of all parents. They should be engaged, and open-minded.  Education starts at home. We also need the society, NGOs, law enforcements, health professionals and other prominent figures who can keep an eye and guide our children when they are not at home and schools.

“As solutions, firstly, we need to speed up the school autonomy programme to allow each school to handle their specific challenges.  We should review the syllabus to reflect our modern society. Teachers should have more legal powers and parents should be held accountable for their children’s actions.

“We also need more resources, new technology, commitment from all stakeholders, and good teachers.”


Neri Julius

Vice-chair of the Parent Teachers Association of Beau Vallon primary school

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