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Seychelles Commercial Bank donates to the School for the Exceptional Child |15 September 2023

Seychelles Commercial Bank donates to the School for the Exceptional Child

Dinara Bonne, double gold medallist at the 12th CJSOI Games, trying out the new treadmill

The Seychelles Commercial Bank has donated a treadmill to the School for the Exceptional Child as part of efforts to help enhance the students’ fitness drive

The school is home to many hidden talents and having the necessary equipment is vital to build the capacities of these children.

It was the bank’s Marketing manager Stephanie Marie who handed over the treadmill to head teacher Heidi Francourt during a small presentation held at the school, in the presence of students and teachers.

Accepting the equipment, Ms Francourt expressed gratitude, adding that the school needs a lot of support.

“These exceptional children need a lot of support, and it always brings about hope whenever a partner provides support and lends a hand to the school,” she said.

Marie Alice Commettant, the school’s physical education teacher, explained that it is always her priority to promote good health practices and emphasise on the importance of regular physical exercise, especially to those with mobility issues and conditions related to obesity.

She said, the treadmill will serve as an additional piece of equipment to further help support the children’s physical health and help them fight obesity to reduce their risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The Seychelles Commercial Bank hopes that the gesture will contribute towards the empowerment and development of the sport’s aptitudes of those truly exceptional children.

It should be noted that the School for the Exceptional Child had representatives at the 12th Commission de la Jeunesse et des Sports de l'Océan Indien (CJSOI) Games, held in Mauritius in December 2022 where they won gold, silver and bronze medals from athletics.




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