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Airbus’ high official for India and South Asia undertakes visit to Seychelles |07 September 2023

Airbus’ high official for India and South Asia undertakes visit to Seychelles

PS Renaud with Mr Delahaye and Ms Chhibber (Photo: Contributed)

Principal secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine Alan Renaud has welcomed Edward Delahaye, Airbus' vice president, head of customer accounts, aircraft and services, India and South Asia, and Vibhuti Chhibber, Airbus' customer account Director.

Also present for the meeting at the picturesque offices of Botanical House, was policy analyst Nickella Tirant.

The visit marked Mr Delahaye's first-ever trip to Seychelles, showcasing the growing importance of this region in Airbus' global strategy.

During the meeting, Mr Delahaye shared insights into Airbus' innovative strategy, which involves establishing customer account offices in Delhi to enhance proximity to their airline clients in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius and beyond.

He emphasised the diverse nature of their airline clients, each with unique needs and opportunities, and Airbus' commitment to tailor their offerings to align with individual strategies.

One highlight of the discussions centered on Seychelles, where Airbus plans to provide valuable market data to support Air Seychelles in shaping its future business plan.

This collaborative effort aims to capitalise on emerging opportunities in the aviation sector.

Furthermore, it was announced that Mr Delahaye and Ms Chhibber were expected to meet with Air Seychelles' senior management this week to continue these critical discussions and explore potential collaborations, further solidifying the partnership between Airbus and Air Seychelles.

Mr Renaud, with a rich aviation background encompassing 15 years at Air Seychelles, provided valuable insights during the meeting. Drawing from his experience in pivotal roles, including general manager for corporate affairs, revenue management, alliances, and government and aeropolitical affairs, Mr Renaud actively contributed to dynamic discussions covering various topics. 

These ranged from the review of the airport masterplan to the numerous opportunities for Air Seychelles within the evolving aviation landscape, highlighting the government’s unwavering support to the airline.

Moreover, Mr Renaud shed light on the profound impact of the latest tourism carrying capacity studies. Pending acceptance, these findings have substantial implications for the competitive environment and the masterplan's design.  This insight underscored the importance of strategic planning and heightened collaboration between the airports, local and international airlines, the tourism industry, and key aviation stakeholders.

The meeting served as a testament to the strengthening of ties between Airbus and Seychelles, underscoring their commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the aviation sector. The exchange of ideas and information promises to benefit both parties and contribute to the continued development of Seychelles' aviation industry, including Air Seychelles.



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