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STORY Seychelles, Fisherman’s Cove Resort earn coveted Green Key Sustainable certification   |07 September 2023

STORY Seychelles, Fisherman’s Cove Resort earn coveted Green Key Sustainable certification   

In a groundbreaking achievement for both the hotels and the country’s tourism industry, STORY Seychelles and Fisherman’s Cove Resort proudly announced that they have become the first hotels in Seychelles to receive the prestigious Green Key certification, marking a significant milestone in sustainable tourism.

The Green Key certification not only recognises the STORY Seychelles and Fisherman’s Cove Resort’s unwavering commitment to eco-conscious practices but also highlights the establishments as a pioneer in promoting responsible tourism in Seychelles.

This historic achievement underscores the hotels’ dedication to reducing their environmental footprint while offering guests an exceptional, environmentally friendly experience.

STORY Seychelles and Fisherman’s Cove resort have introduced a range of innovative eco-friendly initiatives, including energy-efficient lighting, water conservation programmes, waste reduction strategies, coral restoration, lagoon conservation and support for local environmental projects.

This achievement solidifies their position as leaders in combining luxury with sustainability.

“We are thrilled and honoured to be the first hotels in Seychelles to receive this remarkable certification,” exclaimed Jelena Ognjenović, cluster general manager.

“This milestone signifies our dedication to lead by example in sustainable tourism and preserve the pristine beauty of the Seychelles for generations to come”.

STORY Seychelles and Fisherman’s Cove Resort are two adjacent resorts located on Beau Vallon beach, Mahe, Seychelles that falls under the group brand of STORY Hospitality, based in Abu Dhabi; an international management company that currently has six first-class hotels worldwide.

The philosophy behind STORY is to create new and different travel experiences for discerning travelers, wants to inspire its guests to write their own story for lasting memories. For this, the innovative brand offers a sophisticated, bold, and stimulating choice of transformative experiences – moments that make it possible to transform a destination offering a new perspective and change the understanding of the world.

STORY weaves art and design, fine dining, and local culture into a novel narrative –unconventional and imaginative, combined with meaningfulness for holistic sustainability.

Coordinated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), GreenKey is a global voluntary eco-certification programme. With more than 4,000 certified hotels and other establishments in 60 countries, Green Key is the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism and hospitality industry.  

The certification process evaluates the establishments’ environmental management, energy conservation, waste management, water conservation, and other sustainable practices. 



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