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Kaz Café’s re-opening a “resounding success”, say owners |11 August 2023

Kaz Café’s re-opening a “resounding success”, say owners

The re-opening of the Kaz Zanana Café, ‘Kaz Café’, after its soft launch earlier this year, was seen as a resounding success by the owners and sisters, Julia Valmont and Marisa Bick.

The event was attended by art aficionados, food lovers, and enthusiastic patrons to witness the transformed space that blended with the gallery's captivating artworks and celebrate the fusion of culinary excellence and artistic beauty.

In the words of the owners, the ‘Kaz Café’, thoughtfully designed and adorned with art-inspired decor, provides a warm and stylish ambiance. This launch also brought with it the restoration of the Kaz Zanana’s outdoor seating area.

During the event, Lydia Charlie, the acting Mayor of Victoria, commended the owners for embracing the Seychelles’ art by introducing a café in an art gallery right in the capital, Victoria. “In my view, nothing beats the charm of Victoria, one of the smallest cities in the world. And Kaz Zanana, with its creole architecture, is a unique feature of Victoria,” she said.

The re-opening also saw performances from Mi Magician, a magician who captivated the attendees which further deepened their experience as they also enjoyed their culinary and mixology delights.

Marisa Bick said that the opportunity they got to rent the space is a good one as Kaz Zanana is an art place full of creative pieces.

“Cooking and baking is also an art in itself because you are creating something out of nothing and to have the two merge together is really an interesting project,” she said.

Marisa co-owns the cafe with her sister Julia, and the dynamic duo share the loads with Marisa focusing more on the cooking and preparations, while Julia deals with the public relations and promotions of the business.

Both owners said that there is no other person they would rather work with, other than each other.

“Although we each have our own separate domain that we are good at, we still support each other by giving feedbacks and opinions and that is how we work,” Julia said.

They said the night of the re-opening went extremely well and even better than they expected, with the turnout making them more excited for the future.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the café’s re-opening.


Diane Larame

Photos by Louis Toussaint

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