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Seychelles Maritime Academy and Aquas Claras Charter sign MoU |05 August 2023

Seychelles Maritime Academy and Aquas Claras Charter sign MoU

Capt. Herath (left) and Mr Lespoir signing the MoU

The Seychelles Maritime Academy has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Aquas Claras Charter to facilitate training for the academy’s students with the company.

The signing was done by Christopher Lespoir, the director of Aquas Claras and the director of the Seychelles Maritime Academy (SMA), Captain Anura Herath, in a ceremony at the SMA in Providence, yesterday morning.

Present was the sixth cohort that will be going on the programme, representatives of Bliss Hotel and the chairperson of SMA board, Allain Asba.

The head of programme for nautical science, Lee Tirant, said the programme has been designed to accommodate students with the practical skills required for the specific course.

He said SMA was focusing mostly on theory.

“We believe that there was a lack in the yachting industry where there was no proper training being done. This is why we have collaborated with Aquas Claras, so they can give us the support on the practical side,” he said.

Mr Tirant said the MoU will concretise the arrangements they already had and bring in the professional aspect.

“There has been instances where we have sent students on yachts for training but it was never an official agreement with the charters. We also noticed that when the students came back they have not really learned a lot. But now with this MoU they will be attached to a professional,” he explained.

Aquas Claras provides the students with more exposure to the sea as well as hospitality training and customer care. The students will also follow training at Bliss hotel where they will work on their customer care by being in areas such as the bar, housekeeping, reception and the kitchen. The duration of the programme is for six to eight months, between December and April.

The director for Aquas Claras, Mr Lespoir, said he was pleased to be signing the MoU and looks forward to welcoming the sixth cohort into the charter very soon.

“We have a fleet of boats and so we create opportunities for these students to be assigned to these boats. It is not just for them to learn but to also participate during the charters, which increases their experience for the future, which of course is the whole goal,” he concluded.


Diane Larame

Photos by Joena Meme

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