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Police crack down on taxi operators’ violations at airport |02 August 2023

Police crack down on taxi operators’ violations at airport

In a bid to enforce traffic laws and maintain order at the airport, the Seychelles Police have taken strong action against taxi operators found violating various regulations.

A number of tickets have been handed out, and several taxi drivers have been verbally reprimanded for their non-compliance.

According to a police communique, some taxi operators have been blatantly flouting the designated entry time of 5am at the airport.

Additionally, they have been parking in restricted areas, notably on the double yellow line at the airport's entrance, leading to traffic congestion.

Similar violations were observed on the highway road before the airport roundabout.

One particular incident involved a taxi driver who refused to stop despite receiving direct instructions from the police.

Such disregard for instructions and regulations poses serious risks and undermines road safety.

Compounding the issue, some taxi operators have been arriving at work dressed inappropriately, wearing slippers and shorts.

Furthermore, some have been caught sleeping in their vehicles within the airport parking area, contravening both traffic and work-related regulations.

The police, determined to prevent such misconduct from recurring, have heightened their presence with special patrols at the airport.

The authorities have warned of severe consequences for taxi operators who persistently break the law.

The chairperson of the Seychelles Taxi Operators Association, Ron Marie, has expressed support for the police's efforts to establish law and order.

He acknowledged that there have been divisions and conflicts among taxi operators, but he believes the police intervention is necessary to restore order and discipline.

“The police have the mandate to put law and order. It was about time because there has been a lot of division and too much conflict,” he stated.

Mr Marie has encouraged the police to continue managing the taxi queue to address disputes arising from operators vying for the first position. This approach will ensure a fair and orderly system for all taxi drivers and passengers.

“I would appreciate it if the police can continue to control the queue for many months until they understand who came first and who came last.”

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of compliance with the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) regulations, emphasising that adhering to these rules reflects positively on Seychelles and its image as a tourist destination.

A reliable source confirmed that some taxi operators have been particularly stubborn, even when faced with police intervention. The nonchalant attitude of these operators has prompted the authorities to take decisive action, including issuing tickets and verbal warnings.

“Apparently, from what I understood, is that the police arrived even earlier and the drivers spread out and still continued to sleep. As they were sleeping the police came and tapped on their doors and told everybody not to move.”

He confirmed that the police then proceeded to hand out the tickets and verbal warnings. There where even those who were waking up to leave and the police took pictures of them.

It should be noted that the decision to close taxi parking at the airport from midnight to 5am was taken earlier this year, following complaints from taxi drivers and other authorities about the disorder at the Pointe Larue taxi rank.

The police's unwavering commitment to upholding traffic regulations and maintaining order will play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and efficient transportation system for both locals and visitors alike.

The accompanying photos show police officers on one of their spot checks at the airport.


Compiled by Sunny Esparon

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