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Aviation body aims to enhance  overall customer experience   By Sunny Esparon   |28 July 2023

Aviation body aims to enhance   overall customer experience     By Sunny Esparon   

The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) is on a mission to elevate the overall customer experience by carrying out refurbishment works on the international terminal.

With increased space, modern facilities, and improved aesthetics, the terminal aims to offer passengers a more pleasant and comfortable journey.

Seychelles NATION had the opportunity to visit the airport and get an update on the ongoing improvement works.

Marlon Santache, the manager of infrastructure projects, explained that the refurbishment project for the International Terminal (concourse) began in October 2021 and was executed in several phases. The tenth phase was completed in May, leaving only the installation of new ceiling fans and some improvement work outside the concourse to be done. The total project cost was approximately R14.2 million, with around R8 million worth of works already completed.

Among the benefits of the project is the creation of new facilities for destination management companies (DMCs). Smaller DMCs, which previously had limited space compared to major ones like Mason's Travel, Creole, and Seven Degrees South, will now have a chance to make better use of the expanded area. This will allow for a more organised and compact set-up. Additionally, car hires and other kiosks will also benefit from the increased space, while creating more advertising opportunities, aligned with the SCAA's goal of enhancing customer comfort and experience.

The ongoing project involves flooring and ceiling replacement, installation of new ventilation systems, and the addition of new information desks to enhance the passenger experience. The entire project is expected to be completed by December.

Despite some minor challenges in managing operations during the construction phase, Mr Santache and his team successfully found solutions to avoid disruptions to usual airport operations, including collaboration with security teams and stakeholders.

In addition to the SCAA's efforts, businesses are also working together to elevate the customer experience. For example, STC Duty Free will undergo refurbishments, temporarily relocating to the Trolley Bay area in mid-August. The refurbishment aims to achieve a more sophisticated, five-star standard, with improved lighting, flooring, and shelving. The project is expected to be completed within 6-8 weeks, just in time for the peak season, and is scheduled to reopen in October 2023.

Enhancing security is another important aspect of the airport's improvements, both on the landslide and airside. The AVSEC manager implementations, Dyan Vidot, highlighted the importance of efficient traffic flow, proper procedures, and adherence to security guidelines to ensure passengers' safety and comfort. By maintaining international standards and utilising advanced surveillance technologies, the airport aims to create a safe and reassuring environment for travellers.

In collaboration with the Seychelles Police, SCAA has taken measures to improve order around the airport compound, resulting in smoother passenger and vehicular traffic flow.

Mr Vidot emphasised that proper control and coordination of space are essential to avoid congestion and ensure a seamless travel experience for all passengers.

Through these initiatives and partnerships, SCAA is dedicated to providing a positive and enjoyable airport experience, making Seychelles Airport a preferred destination for travellers from around the world.


Photos by Louis Toussaint



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