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Paradise FM Chart Attack |17 July 2023

‘Lagratel’ tops the chart for 15 weeks


Philippe Toussaint’s song ‘Lagratel’ has topped the charts for 15 weeks now. This song has been  on the chart for 21 weeks and it seems that listeners are not getting enough of it.

With only four weeks on the chart, ‘Zanmi Leker’ by Riah has gained a position and is now at number 2 on the chart.

‘Woman’ by Auspicious ft Elijah also gained two spots and now is at number three.

Whereas, ‘Pa le Marye’ by Molo lost two spots and features at number four on the list followed by ‘Pli Zoli’ by Original Smash, Magnificent ft Excellent.

‘Zoli Lavantir’ by Swagg Tunes remains at number 6 and ‘Available’ by Marathon Man ft Xtra Big is at number seven.

The three last positions on the chart are ‘Deserve Sa Love’ by Ace The Future Ft EJ; ‘Esper ou Tour’ by Elijah and ‘Koupe’ by Julia.

The Chart Attack is sponsored by Inter Island Boats LTD and listeners can vote for their favourite song throughout the week on Paradise FM by calling telephone number 2520170, placing ‘CHT’ before their text messages.

Listeners can vote during the following times: Tripotaz Avek Queenly (10am – 11am), CusMun’s ‘En pti pe dan tou’ – (2pm – 3pm) and Oriji ‒ The Cruize – (4.45pm– 6pm).


Chart Attack: Week 223


1...Lagratel (Philippe Toussaint) – (#1 for 15w)

(P.Week-1> T.Week-1) – WOC(21) -  PP (1)

2...Zanmi Leker (Riah) -

     (P.Week-3> T.Week-2) – WOC(4) -  PP (2) 

3... ‘Woman’ (Auspicious Ft. Elijah) -

  (P.Week-5> T.Week-3) – WOC(12) -  PP (3)

4...Pa Le Marye (Molo) – (P.Week-2>

      T.Week-4) – WOC(5) - PP (2)

5...Pli Zoli (Original Smash, Magnificent Ft Excellent)

(P.Week-7> T.Week-5) – WOC(3) -  PP (5)

6...Zoli Lavantir (SwaggTunes) –

    (P.Week-6> T.Week-6) – WOC(3) -  PP (6)

7... ‘Available’ (Marathon Man Feat. Xtra Big) –

     (#1 for 2w) (P.Week-4> T.Week-7) – WOC(8) -  PP (1)

8... Deserve Sa Love (Ace The Future Ft. EJ) –

(P.Week-10> T.Week-8) – WOC(2) -  PP (8)

9...Esper Ou Tour (Elijah) -

     (P.Week-8> T.Week-9) – WOC(15) -  PP (2)

10...Koupe (Julia) –

     (P.Week-9> T.Week-10) – WOC(11) -  PP (2) 


Compiled by Vidya Gappy


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