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SBC Paradise FM Chart Attack |03 July 2023

Philippe Toussaint’s ‘Lagratel’ regains top spot


‘Lagratel’ by Philippe Toussaint is back as the number one song after slipping to number two the previous week for the third time in 19 weeks on the chart.

‘Pa Le Marye’ by Molo climbed one step to second position to kick ‘Available’ by Marathon Man featuring Xtra Big into third position.

‘Woman’ by Auspicious featuring Elijah, which slipped to spot number five the previous week moved to number four last week while ‘Zanmi Leker’ by Riah made an impressive climb from number 10 to number five after just two weeks on the chart.

The new entry at number six last week is ‘Zoli Lavantir’ by SwaggTunes followed by Julia’s ‘Koupe’ which climbed from eighth to seventh position.

‘Esper Ou Tour’ by Elijah went down two places to eighth position and ‘Pli Zoli’ by Original Smash and Magnificent Ft. Excellent was the other new entry last week at number nine.

‘Pain’ by Mikhail slipped to tenth from eighth position the previous week while ‘Lor’ by ALX and ‘En Mizerab’ by Mervin Camille are the two songs that were kicked out of the chart last week.

The Paradise FM Chart Attack is sponsored by Inter Island Boats LTD and listeners can vote thrice daily on the following radio shows: Tripotaz with Queenly between 10am and 11am, CusMun’s ‘En pti pe dan tou’ from 2pm to 3pm and Oriji’s ‘The Cruize’ between 4.45pm and 6pm.


Compiled by Patrick Joubert

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