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Seychelles Breweries incorporates responsible element in its Retailers Excellence programme |04 October 2019

 Seychelles Breweries recently launched its Retailers Excellence programme for the company’s new financial year which began in July. This year, the company has decided to incorporate the element of responsible retailing as part of the programme.

The company’s objective in introducing the responsible retailing element to the Retailers Excellence programme is to encourage retailers to act in a responsible manner at all times.

“A lot of blame in regard to the issues surrounding alcohol is apportioned to retailers, when in fact, only a small number of them do not respect the regulations in place. This component of the Excellence Retailers programme is an opportunity to show that most retailers are responsible and respect the law,” explained Seychelles Breweries corporate relations manager, Mary-Anne Ernesta.

Government, through different measures, is attempting to discourage alcohol abuse and misuse, but there needs to be a concerted effort between the different players to ensure the success of these measures. Responsible retailing is a partnership between Seychelles Breweries and retailers in an effort to support government in this endeavour.

Retailers will be assessed by mystery shoppers who will visit their outlets at different times and days of the week on a monthly basis and they will be tested on whether they respect the drinking age regulation and the alcohol selling hours.

If they achieve at least 75% compliance, they will receive a signage sponsored by Seychelles Breweries stating that the outlet is a “Responsible Retailer”. Winners in our Retailers Excellence programme will always be expected to maintain their compliance.

“It will be something good and positive for the outlets. We are also encouraging consumers to support the outlets that have the signage, it will serve as an indication that our people encourage positive attitudes and behaviour,” said Ms Ernesta.

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