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The Little Stars will twinkle again this year!   |21 June 2023

The Little Stars will twinkle again this year!   

• Children’s talent show to be held on August 19 and 20, 2023 at ICCS


The much-loved talent show ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ will be held on August 19 and 20, 2023 at the International Conference Centre (ICCS) starting at 4pm on both days.

This was shared by the show’s creator and artistic director Bennet Accouche.

After an hiatus of three years, Mr Accouche mostly known as Sir Bennet decided to make a call for participants early this year.

“Unbelievable response! I received a total of 144 application forms for this year's event. Interestingly, parents utilised various methods to submit their applications, including WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, and phone calls. It is worth noting that even after the official closing date, there were individuals who continued to reach out, expressing their desire to register. In fact, if I were to consider every person who showed interest beyond the closing date, the number would exceed 150 applicants,” shared Mr Accouche.

‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ is a talent show specifically designed for children aged between 5 and 9 years old. It serves as a platform for these young individuals to showcase their unique talents and skills. Since its initial debut in 2000, the show has become an annual event, welcoming children from all corners of the country.

Regarding the selection process for the show, Sir Bennet explained that it involves a rigorous audition, where approximately 150 children participate.

“From this pool of aspiring performers, only 15 are ultimately chosen to take the stage. However, due to the overwhelming demand for participation, we have decided to increase the number of candidates selected to 18 this year, deviating from our usual selection of 15.”

Each "little star" participating in the show engages in a question-and-answer session both before and after their performance. This allows the audience to gain insights into the child's journey and provides an opportunity for the young talents to express themselves further. 

Furthermore, shared Sir Bennet, every show revolves around a theme that resonates with children, adding an extra layer of excitement and relevance. As a token of appreciation, all performers receive a gift for their active participation in the event.

In addition to the young contestants, the show will feature various guest performers. These include a former participant from the very first edition of the show, which took place 22 years ago. Additionally, there will be a heart-warming family performance involving a grandpa and his granddaughter. Moreover, the event will witness the debut of a new children's choir, among other exciting acts.

To avoid disappointment, the public is being asked to start buying their tickets and tune in for two hours of absolute delight.

Our photos show the 18 “little stars” who have been selected for this year’s show.


Vidya Gappy

Photos:  Contributed

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