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‘Amigos’ returns with highly anticipated Country & Western musical show   |20 June 2023

‘Amigos’ returns with highly anticipated Country & Western musical show   

The ‘Amigos’ is back this weekend with another one of its highly popular Country & Western musical show, at the International Conference Centre where 19 talented singers will be performing a selection of popular tunes to entertain the audience.

Their last show was in December 2022 and was full house and the band hopes to see a repeat on Saturday, June 24, where it plans to dazzle the crowd with emotional ballads as well as upbeat singalongs.

The show will comprise mainly Country & Western songs, where the audience will be treated to the timeless classics of Dolly Parton, Neil Diamond, Alan Jackson, as well as some other popular classics of other genres.

Among the singers who will be taking to the stage are the talented Anthony Venticadoo, Pat Nanty, Javier Rose, Barry Gertrude, Walter Alton, Enrico Gonzalves, Ryan Albert, Pat Rogan, Marius Lesperance, Mike Anacoura, and Roddy Vielle as well as the talented female singers namely Sophie Morgan, Genevieve Hoareau, Salibina Hoareau, Angelle Savy, Danielle and Shireen Laporte.

They will be accompanied by the musicians namely, Frank Volcère, Lambert Woodcock, Danny Marie, Anthony Houareau, Andrew Chetty, Guy Santache.

The two and a half hour show will start at 7.30pm and tickets are already on sale at R200 apiece.

‘Amigos’ is inviting its fans to turn up in droves to witness another of the band’s great moments.

The accompanying photos show scenes from some past shows by The Amigos.


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