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Round Table Seychelles marks 50th anniversary   |05 June 2023

Round Table Seychelles marks 50th anniversary   

The unveiling of the new Regatta logo

  • Regatta 2023 to be held from August 25-27


Round Table Seychelles held an event on Saturday evening at the La Plaine St. Andre, Au Cap to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its inception in 1973 and launch the Round Table Regatta sponsored by TAKAMAKA which will be held from August 25-27, 2023. Due to the global pandemic the annual Regatta event was postponed for the past three years, the last one being held in 2019.

The former President of the Round Table, Serge Durup, stated that he joined the Round Table at the age of 25 and it had been a beautiful journey since then. “I think it is important that the tablers realise that Round Table is a fellowship organisation rather than a service club,” he said.

For his part, the current President and son of the former President, Alexander Durup, said that the Regatta has become an event to look forward to over the last 5 decades of operation.

“It has won over the hearts of many Seychellois and has been part of the development of our society, communities fostering comradery and leaving a mark on our beautiful islands and memory of our people,” he said.

The soiree also saw the unveiling of the new Regatta logo which has been hand drawn by local artist George Camille, who was not present at the event that night. His son, Alex Camille, did the honours of revealing the logo on his behalf.

The launch of the Regatta lottery was made official after presenting a lottery ticket book to the district administrator of Beau Vallon, Kenneth Pierre.

As the main sponsor of the event, founder of TAKAMAKA, Richard d’Offay took the opportunity to say a few words to express his pleasure of being in partnership with the Round Table Regatta. “For us this year to be the headline sponsor is beyond great, we are so privileged,” he said.  

He continued by revealing that there is a special edition Regatta Dark Spice Takamaka whereby out of every bottle sold, R7.50 will go to Round Table and the charity of its choice.

Spanning over a weekend in Beau Vallon, the Regatta event features yacht races, tug of war, live performances by local artists and finally culminates with the infamous ‘Greasy Pole Contest’. There will also be new attractions and activities which Mr Durup (Jr) says “you’ll have to be there to see”.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of Saturday’s event at La Plaine St Andre.


Text & photos by Diane Larame

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