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Sabvi donates Braille 1 equipment to visually impaired girl |05 June 2023

Sabvi donates Braille 1 equipment to visually impaired girl

Tannie accepting the equipment from Ms Lablache

The Seychelles Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Sabvi) has made a donation of a Braille 1 equipment to Tannie Samedi, a visually impaired girl.

Brigitte Lablache, chairperson of Sabvi, was very emotional when donating the equipment to Tannie recently.

“Sabvi is trying to help the blind and the visually impaired and through the contribution of our donors, we are doing that. Today is a historic day for Sabvi as it is the first time that we are making such a donation. We have several sponsors – Cable and Wireless, Kreolor, Fresh Cuts, H Savy Insurance and others who help us. Our equipment are expensive and we are calling on more sponsors to come forward to help us. We wish Tannie all the best in her studies,” noted Ms Lablache.

Ms Lablache also shared that their association spends more than it collects as its members cannot really attend activities without transport.

“We are calling on individuals to help us whenever they can with transportation of our members. We are also asking people to come join us as we need people to help us around because we cannot see.”

Tannie, who is now 18, is currently in Secondary 4. She is a bright student and is eager to continue her studies. She was over the moon after receiving the Braille 1 equipment.

“This equipment will help me in my studies and it will become easier for me. Now I will not need someone to translate my braille”, said Tannie.

Rachel, the mother of Tannie, thanked Sabvi for this kind gesture and shared that this is indeed an emotional moment for the family.

“Before someone lent us a machine but we had to return it. But now we are very happy as Tannie will be able to be more independent in her exams and assessments. Everything will be easy as once connected with the laptop, it will be translated into words.”

Tannie could not stop smiling and wants to become a Braille teacher or a social worker.


Vidya Gappy

Photo: Louis Toussaint

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