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District meetings   |03 June 2023

President sheds light on insurance policy in sports


President Wavel Ramkalawan has said that government, through the National Sports Council (NSC), is only responsible for the insurance policy of national sportsmen and sportswomen representing the country while the sport clubs are responsible for the insurance policy of their own athletes.

President Ramkalawan made the statement yesterday afternoon at the Grand Anse Praslin community centre while chairing his first of three public meetings for residents on the inner islands.

A resident had a query as to why players who are injured during matches on the island are not receiving compensation from insurance companies. 

“When a player wishes to join a club, it is the club that has to take the responsibility to insure the player. This is the principle and I want to make this clear,” the President said.

With regard to an increase in the R2050 allowance for inner island  students living at the Youth Hostel at Anse Royale, President Ramkalawan said that such an increase will depend of the country’s economic situation but he will discuss the matter with the Minister for Finance, National Planning and Trade, Naadir Hassan, given that he is in favour of such an increase for the young students.

President Ramkalawan also welcomed a suggestion to move the pedestrian crossing near the Pension Fund Complex to another location given the accident risk it poses and at the request of the same resident, he called on the police to ensure that bicycle regulations, among other traffic regulations, are respected on the island.

On the thinking by some contractors on Praslin that only they are eligible for all contracted works on the island, President Ramkalawan made it clear that under the constitution, all Seychellois have the right to tender for any works across the country and tenders are given to the best Seychellois bidder.

He noted that while government will ensure that there is work for the contractors to do, they must ensure that their prices are more competitive to that of contractors coming from Mahé. 

Answering a question on the legalisation of cannabis, President Ramkalawan said that while some people, including one organisation, are lobbying for it to be legalised, in the process some information about the effect of cannabis, especially on human brain, are not being portrayed.

He stated that while it has been found that cannabis has medicinal attributes to cure certain sickness, we have to bear in mind that the substance does have an effect on the brain, especially for young people, which affects their development.

He noted that while government has not yet received anything on paper with regard to the legalisation of cannabis, it nevertheless wants the issue to go through a national debate to arrive to a conclusion.

Following a statement that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, non-binary, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) organisation is conducting sessions in schools to the detriment of our social fabric, President Ramkalawan said that he was not aware if such sessions were taking place but if so they are free to do so to explain the different terminology of the sexes in the country and the discrimination against LGBTIQ people.

He noted that given our country, through our constitution, is not governed by religion, people are free to express themselves.

With regard to theft and burglaries on locals and tourists, President Ramkalawan said that he was very disappointed with the service being offered at the Grand Anse police station because many among the officers are collaborating with the thieves and the drug barons on the island.

He noted that while the police is taking the matter in hand to address the situation at the station, the residents must come together to help the police to combat thefts and drugs given that they know who those culprits are.

Among the many issues, suggestions and proposals for solutions discussed by the residents, President Ramkalawan and his delegation were access road, pavements, drainage, coastal erosion, cost of living, health service, service by civil servants, sports facilities, education, a new crèche, custom procedures, lunch allowance for public servant and review of the Public Service Order (PSO) which is outdated and for the introduction of a sign language translation system for people with impairment at important events – including for the translation of news (8pm) by the Seychelles Broadcasting Cooperation (SBC), among many others.

As customary before the residents began to voice their concerns on pertinent issues at district and at national level, the Minister for Lands and Housing, Billy Rangasamy, was requested by President Ramkalawan to give an update on the housing plan the ministry has for the district.

Minister Rangasamy said that for the moment the ministry is planning the construction of a block of 8 units at Mont Plaisir which will start in July or August 2023 to end by March 2024.  He added that given the scarcity of land in the district, government is looking to engage with private land owners amid evaluating other areas belonging to government, for more housing projects.

He stated that there are 53 applicants for housing, 16 applicants for mid-range condos, and 15 loan applicants while 120 others have applied for land.

The meeting today at the Baie St Anne community centre for residents of the district will start at 3pm.


Patrick Louange

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