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Volleyball: SVF Divisional Cup |25 May 2023

Premium Spikers, Airwaves, Arsu Brothers in the lead


  • Constance Ephelia top women’s’ division two standings


Premium Spikers, Airwaves and Arsu Brothers are presently leading the standings in their respective groups of the men’s division one and two of the ongoing Divisional Cup competition hosted by the Seychelles Volleyball Federation, while Constance Ephelia are leading the women’s division two group.

The five teams in the men’s division one competition have been divided into two groups, with pool A featuring Premium Spikers, Ton Neo and Beau Vallon, while pool B is made up of Neo Boyz and Brotherhood.

As for the men’s division two competition, pool A is made up of Airwaves, Outsiders and Neo Youth, while pool B features Arsu Brothers, St Louis, and St Francis Brothers.

In the women’s top flight, Arsu Ladies, City Ladies and Cascade are in pool A, while La Digue Sisters, Praslin Girls and Mont Fleuri Sisters make up pool B.

As for the women’s division two competition, it is being played on a league basis, with the top two finishers engaging in the grand final at the end.

In the men’s division one competition, only a single match has been played so far, precisely in pool A, where Premium Spikers defeated Ton Neo 3-0 to lead the group.

In the men’s division two, Airwaves have won both their matches, winning over Outsiders and Neo Youth to claim first spot on five points.

In pool B, Arsu Brothers are leading on three points from a win and a loss, while St Louis are second on two points.

St Francis Brothers are third in the group on one point.

In the women’s division two competition, Constance Ephelia are leading with two victories in as many matches played, followed by St Louis Bombers who are second with a win and a loss out of two matches played.

Airwaves Sisters are currently third, also with a victory and a defeat out of two matches, while with two defeats in as many matches, Neo Girls are last in the group.


Neil Sirame




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