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FetAfrik 2023 to undergo ‘massive changes’ |24 May 2023

FetAfrik 2023 to undergo ‘massive changes’

Mr D’Offay (centre) speaking during the press conference (Photo: Louis Toussaint)

The annual FetAfrik celebration is set to undergo changes this year to popularise the event and make it available for the masses rather than a private event. 

Speaking at a press conference at the International Conference Centre yesterday morning, the executive director of Creative Seychelles Agency, Emannuel D’Offay stated that the first major change is the cancellation of the opening ceremony.

Mr D’Offay explained that the ceremony was often expensive and quite restrictive towards the general population.

FetAfrik usually begins on June 25, which is ‘Africa Day’ and the date will be reserved for anyone wishing to send messages through the media.

The following day, June 26, there will be musical shows. “We have worked with a local partner, L’echo group production, a band which will play music in Victoria starting from 6am to 11am,” he stated. There will also be live entertainment starting from 4pm until 6pm.

The entertainment will be different from previous ones whereby the Dance School will perform with artists that have gone relatively unknown in Seychelles. 

The event will have stalls and musical shows that will personify the African roots of Seychelles. In addition, there will be an authentic African disco.

On Sunday, June 27, there will be an authentic African Bazar at the National History Museum, starting from 10am to 6pm. In addition, a private company, Sea Front Restaurant, will organise an African Fusion where there will be a group of Africans who will create authentic African food.

The Belonie school, under the guidance of Paquerette Lablache, will bring a group of children who have made various African costumes using recyclable materials. Telly’s Modelling Agency, who is based at Maison Marengo, will also be doing an African Fashion Show.

All the events will have the participation of African communities.

Meanwhile, another event which has been taken off the calendar is the exhibition due to venue constraint, which according to Mr D’Offay will be resolved by next year.

“The only venue that exists where you can hold an exhibition is the National Museum but these places are already booked. By next year, the Gallery will be returned to us.”

Mr D’Offay stated that from now on, the goal of FetAfrik is to bring fresh new activities for the general public. Moreover, he expressed the fact that these activities are not wholly reliant on CSA. “CSA does not have that much money to do all these activities and one of our mandates is to create business opportunities for other people. We are merely a facilitator to work with them and we collaborate.”

The collaboration with private entities has allowed CSA to make budget savings. The budget for this year’s FetAfrik is R230,000.


Sunny Esparon

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