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Absa Bank Seychelles unleashes team spirit with epic team-building event |23 May 2023

Absa Bank Seychelles unleashes team spirit with epic team-building event

Absa Bank Seychelles orchestrated a team-building event for its colleagues, showcasing the power of unity and collaboration. The Anse Royale auditorium set the stage for an unforgettable Saturday, as 200 plus enthusiastic colleagues embarked on a day of friendly competition, laughter, and newfound connections.

The colleagues were divided into groups, igniting a spirited battle of wits and strategy while engaging in activities carefully crafted to challenge their problem-solving skills, creativity, and coordination.

Puzzle-solving sessions tested their mental prowess, while lively dance challenges challenged coordination.

However, the true highlight of the day was an epic treasure hunt that sprawled across the Anse Royale area. From the School of Advanced Level Studies (Sals) and Seychelles Business Studies Academy (SBSA) premises to the beach, mini bazaar, and neighbouring shops, teams embarked on a quest, unraveling clues and conquering challenges with remarkable teamwork.

As the day wound down, local artist Mercenary, a proud Absa Seychelles ambassador, took to the stage. Colleagues sang along to his Absa hit ‘Sitan Fasil’. The energy was infectious, and the music served as the perfect backdrop to celebrate the triumph and conclusion of the day.

"This team-building event showcased the incredible power of unity. We witnessed firsthand the enthusiasm and spirit of the participants engaging in activities that were also aligned with our business purpose and the culture and ethic we strive to build,” said Nazim Mahmood, managing director of Absa Bank Seychelles while talking about the successful event.

Head of people function at Absa Bank Seychelles, Valerie Busetto, said the event exemplifies the bank’s dedication to cultivating a thriving team culture, fostering colleague engagement, and bringing colleagues together for a common purpose.

“It provides opportunities for personal growth, strengthens connections, and reinforces our commitment to creating a positive and collaborative work environment,” said Mrs Busetto. 


What the others said:


Anica Aglae, project manager at Absa Bank Seychelles: “The activities challenged us to think creatively, work together as a team, and showcase our problem-solving skills.”


Jilliann Talma, internal audit, Absa Bank Seychelles: "Being a new joiner, it made me feel incredibly valued. It was an amazing experience that not only fostered teamwork but also made me realise the strong sense of community and support within our organisation.”


Annika Albert, HR governance officer, Absa Bank Seychelles: “Saturday showed an amazing display of togetherness. We realised the immense strength we have as a team, and it was a powerful reminder of the incredible colleagues we have at Absa Bank Seychelles.” 


Manette Camille, occupational health and safety manager, Absa Bank Seychelles: "As a recent addition to the organisation, being part of this event was an interesting experience. The energy and enthusiasm were off the charts, and the level of engagement among colleagues was great."


Julio Beaufond, collections and recoveries team leader, Absa Bank Seychelles: “It was refreshing to see different departments mingling and collaborating and breaking down barriers. This event not only brought us closer as colleagues but also reminded us of the power of collaboration and the positive culture we are building at Absa Bank Seychelles.”






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