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Disappearance of a certain amount of drugs seized on board an Iranian dhow last month |20 May 2023

Suspects remanded further as investigation continues


The Magistrates Court, presided by Magistrate Andy Asba, has ordered that three men and two women be held in police custody for another 12 days as an investigation continues in their alleged involvement in a case involving the disappearance of a certain amount of drugs seized on board an Iranian dhow last month.

Six persons had initially been arrested on May 17, 2023 in relation to the case but yesterday the court dismissed the application for further holding against one suspect, as Magistrate Asba said the application did not provide evidence for a prima facie case for further holding, against the suspect.

However the other five, one of whom did not have legal representation, were remanded into police custody for another 12 days as the police stated they needed more time to conduct their investigation including  analysing the suspected drugs, extracting data from the suspects’ telephones and getting more statements for further arrests.

The counsels for the four, who included Joel Camille for suspects two and four, Joshua Revera for suspect five and Tony Juliette for suspect six had argued there were no sufficient grounds to hold their clients and that they should be released on bail, while the police conducted further investigation.

After hearing arguments from all sides, Magistrate Asba said there was a web of connected offences and links between the suspects that should be investigated further and the court was satisfied with the Application for further holding.

However he said that instead of 14 days, they should be held for 12 days.

Also before the Magistrate’s court yesterday was a case of Conspiracy to import a controlled drug and conspiracy to traffic a controlled drugs against two Nigerian nationals who were arrested on May 18, 2023 upon their arrival at the Seychelles international airport on board an Ethiopian airline.

The two suspects, a man and a woman, are being held for being in possession of 210 grammes of a controlled drug suspected to be cocaine. The two are being held until June 2, 2023 when they will reappear before the Magistrates Court.

In another case yesterday, the Supreme Court ordered that four air wing officers of the Seychelles Defence Forces are remanded further as suspects in a case linked to the alleged possession of over 37 kilos of turtle meat, which was found on board a Seychelles Air Force Dornier on Thursday this week. 

They are being remanded for fourteen days while investigation into the matter continues. Sea turtles are protected under the Wild Animals and Birds Protection Act of Seychelles. It could lead to a two-year prison sentence or a R5000 fine.


Patsy Canaya

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