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Ile Persévérance primary school |18 May 2023

Students experience itchiness from sprayed chemicals


Ile Persévérance primary school head teacher Bernadette Maria yesterday confirmed that some students experienced itchiness from sprayed chemicals following fumigation of the school on Monday afternoon, after class, for pest control purposes.

She noted that the management took the decision to fumigate the classes due to an ant infestation.

According to the head teacher, most students experienced a reaction to the pesticide as of noon yesterday and all students were advised to wash their hands and faces thoroughly to avoid health problems, prior to ending classes at 1.30pm.

Mrs Maria was reacting to Seychelles NATION’s enquiry following reports on social media that some students who were affected had to seek medical treatment. However, Mrs Maria said at the time school ended yesterday, no students were taken to the health centre for treatment.

The head teacher said as a precaution, they also advised parents that in the event their child was still experiencing the itchiness, to wash the whole body and face thoroughly with soap and rinse off with water, pat the body dry with a clean towel, apply body lotion and to get the child to rest and to drink a lot of water. In the event the symptoms persist, the child should see a doctor.

Classes were cleaned again yesterday after school in preparation for lessons today.


Patrick Joubert


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