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  Athletics: Shooting Star Academy Track and Field competition |26 April 2023

   Athletics: Shooting Star Academy Track and Field competition

Young athletes from three academies rub shoulders on tracks and field


Budding track and field athletes from three local athletics academies rubbed shoulders on Saturday at Stad Popiler during the Shooting Star Academy Track and Field competition which made its return after a three-year absence following the health restrictions and …of all sports activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The first competition of the series gathered young athletes from three athletics academies, namely Shooting Star Athletics Academy, its sister academy Port Glaud Shooting Star Athletics Academy, and Plaisance Athletics Academy.

All three have as mission to prepare the country’s future generation of track and field athletes.

Being the first competition this year, the event gave the young athletes the chance to put to test what they have learned in training.

The under-12-year-old athletes competed in the 60m, 80m, 100m, 60m hurdles, long jump and relay.

The overall winner for the inter-academy competition was the Shooting Star Athletics Academy who accumulated a final total of 294 points, while the Plaisance Athletics Academy finished second with 246 points. Port Glaud Shooting Star Athletics Academy finished third overall with 170 points.

The second competition of the series has been scheduled to take place in August.

Head coach of Shooting Star Athletics Academy, former hurdler Giovanni Fanny noted that for the event they received support from the Seychelles Athletics Federation (SAF) which provided equipment and officials.

He said the turnout was better than expected, adding that the kids really enjoyed their time on the track, also showing their competitiveness as future athletes.

“There were a lot of spectators in the stands including parents and relatives cheering for the athletes, and this motivated them, encouraging them to stay in athletics, as well as the academies to continue working with them,” said coach Fanny who further noted that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Shooting Star Athletics Academy had to close down, losing most of its athletes.

He said the academy had to wait for things to settle and sports to be re-introduced before starting all over again.

Coach Fanny further explained that after almost two years the academy had to re-scout for enrolment, and they currently have four coaches and a group of 30 young athletes from 8 to 12 years old.

They train on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, with occasional drills on the beach and hill climb for endurance and stamina.

On her part, head coach of the Port Glaud Shooting Star Athletics Academy Alda Azemia said she was fairly satisfied with the performances of her young athletes, but however felt that they can do better, had they received the proper training for the 60m, 80m, and 100m races, since they do not have the proper facilities.

“The athletes train on the school compound, on a small field where space is limited,” she said, adding that it is not cost and time effective to commute to town for training sessions. She added that they now have four months to work on their speed.

The academy currently has three coaches with 64 young athletes under their guidance.

Coach Azemia further noted that during Saturday’s event, the athletes showed some good qualities and they enjoyed the competition.

“They showed a lot of enthusiasm on Saturday and they are looking forward to the next one,” concluded coach Azemia.

The accompanying photos taken by Roland Duval show some of the highlights of Saturday’s competition.


Complete results of the competition


100m girls under-12

  1.       Jash Wanta Mentor – Plaisance
  2.       Emma Robert –Port Glaud
  3.       Esna Hetimier – Shooting Star


100m boys under 12

  1.       Nerrick Esther – Plaisance
  2.       Alex Magloire – Port Glaud
  3.       Amos Labrosse – Port Glaud


100m girls over 12

  1.       Allia Thelermont – Shooting Star
  2.       Shamila Jerry – Shooting Star
  3.       Aleisha Ally – Shooting Star


100m boys over 12

  1.       Joahquim Nourrice – Port Glaud
  2.       Lebron Barrone – Shooting Star
  3.       Achveen Hoareau – Port Glaud


Long jump girls over 12

  1.       Aleisha Ally – Shooting Star
  2.       Shamila Jerry – Shooting Star
  3.       Bianca Esparon – Port-Glaud


Long jump boys over 12

  1.       Dwayne Elisabeth – Plaisance
  2.       Nelvis Marie – Port Glaud
  3.       Ibrahim Laundry – Plaisance


Long jump girls under 12

  1.       Sharadia Anacoura – Shooting Star
  2.       Emma Robert – Port Glaud
  3.       Angelic Pragassen – Shooting Star


Long jump boys under 12

  1.       Nerrick Esther – Plaisance
  2.       Amos Labrosse – Port-Glaud
  3.       Adam Mouhousoune – Shooting Star


80m girls under 10

  1.       Larah Suzette – Plaisance
  2.       Anielle Camille – Plaisance
  3.       Ellie Augus – Port Glaud


80m boys under 10

  1.       Jadon Hoareau – Plaisance
  2.       Aunio Lousie – Port-Glaud
  3.       Ray Barallon – Shooting Star


Relay girls under 8

  1.       Plaisance
  2.       Shooting Star
  3.       Port-Glaud


Relay boys under 8

  1.       Plaisance
  2.       Port-Glaud
  3.       Shooting Star


Relay girls under 10

  1.       Plaisance
  2.       Port-Glaud


60m hurdles girls under 8

  1.       Grace Brizilia – Shooting Star
  2.       Thea Payet – Shooting Star
  3.       Tirzah Labiche – Port-Glaud


60m hurdles boys under 8

  1.       Thyler Morgan – Shooting Star
  2.       Deroy Sanguillon – Port Glaud
  3.       Stanio Bodan –Shooting Star


60m hurdles girls under 10

  1.       Iarah Suzette –Plaisance
  2.       Anielles Camille – Plaisance
  3.       Righteouse Labrosse – Port Glaud


60m hurdles boys under 10

  1.       Ezekiel Cadeau – Plaisance
  2.       Isaac Mouhoussoune – Shooting Star
  3.       Haiden Azemia – Shooting Star


60m girls under 8

  1.       Grace Brizilia – Shooting Star
  2.       Thea Payet – Shooting Star
  3.       Mia Radegonde – Plaisance



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