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Children’s House Montessori School assistants graduate   |14 April 2023

Children’s House Montessori School assistants graduate   

The graduates proudly display their certificate: (L to R) Megan Tirant, Jessee Eulentin, Alisia Jean-Louis and Terryl Confiance

A batch of assistants from the Children’s House Montessori School at Bel Air have graduated after attending training sessions at the Academy of High Performance run by Barry Laine.

The four graduates are Megan Tirant, Jessee Eulentin, Alisia Jean-Louis and Terryl Confiance.

The training sessions covered self-analysis and improvement, dealing with others and customer service.

The management of Children’s House Montessori School are always treading the path of progress and continuously striving to attain high standards. As a preschool and a primary institution, the management are aware that their teaching and their caring for the children and the methods they use must stand out and be of high quality because they are addressing the children’s mind at the time most vulnerable in the children’s life. These are the formative years for the children when their sub-conscious mind develops according to the standard of teaching on offer to them and the environment at home.

Preschool learning establishes a strong foundation in social, pre-academic and general life skills that will prepare the children for their primary school. Research has shown that children who graduate from preschool have improved academic readiness, lower failure rates and achieve higher positions and earnings in life.

In order to meet the high standard required to prepare these children to be confident learners, the management of this establishment has invested in training their assistants with additional skills and knowledge so that they can serve the children with an improved knowledge base and achievement for themselves.

The four assistants who graduated at the Academy of High Performance are now ready to provide an improved level of service and their own knowledge based has been enhanced beyond their wildest dream. They now possess advanced knowledge of how to deal with the children but also how to interact at a much improved level with the children’s parents.

It is a proven fact that when the children complete their term at the Children’s House Montessori School they take away with them the well-respected Montessori method of education that serves them well for years to come in their further education and then in the work place.

The children at this preschool and primary institution are taught how to achieve confidence, independence and self-motivation and what they learn here becomes the bedrock for their future prosperity and provide them with good grounding to continue to learn until the day comes when work for a living arrives and they are ready to embrace a position in society wherever they are in the world. That’s the Montessori Method.

Congratulations to the assistants who have made time and effort to attend the training and we wish them well. 



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