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Port Glaud school’s Spiritual Team hosts Easter ‘avangou’ |12 April 2023

Port Glaud school’s Spiritual Team hosts Easter ‘avangou’

April 6 was a very special day for all Christian learners and staff of Port Glaud primary school. In our attempt to ensure the holistic development of our learners, as well as in our endeavour to honour the education theme for the year ‘Make our school fun’, the school’s Spiritual Team under the leadership of Odile Etienne organised an Easter ‘avangou’ for the learners.

73% of the school learners participated in an Easter hat competition which was an amazing turnout with much creativity from the learners and their supporting parents.

At a special short assembly that day pupils could wear their hat as they were praised for their participation in the competition. The winners were also announced as per different key stages. Learners could also learn about the true reason for Easter as well as the history of Easter bunny and Easter eggs and how it all came to be part of our Easter celebration nowadays.

That same afternoon learners and staff went out on the main road for an Easter parade which we called ‘Walk for Christ’. The parade started at the President’s Village downwards to the school’s main gate up the Morne Blanc road.  Few parents also came and participated with their children in the parade. Learners went home wearing their Easter hats and with the Easter spirit which we hope they go and share with their families.



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