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Why Dance Fitness is capturing the world’s heart |27 September 2019

  • Losing weight, toning the body & being more happy has never been more fun, easy or addictive


Loved from coast to coast, Dance Fitness is an increasingly popular exercise routine which incorporates one or more forms of dance, making it quite a rare form of exercise that is actually enjoyable; one which improves your fitness levels and doesn’t actually feel like a workout.

And yes! even if you have two left feet, one of the many wonders of Dance Fitness is that it suits people of all shapes, sizes and ability or fitness levels.

There are a few main categories of Dance Fitness, including Cardio Dance which improves cardiovascular fitness and Barre Workouts which focus on strength training, proper alignment and posture.  


The Health Benefits

Dance Fitness is good for physical, emotional and mental health for the following reasons:

-                       Whole-body workout

-                       Decreases body fat percentage / helps to lose weight

-                       Increases lean muscle mass / tones the body

-                       Improves cardiovascular health

-                       Helps with management of medical conditions like heart disease, high cholesterol or diabetes

-                       Improves energy levels, strength, balance, sleep quality

-                       Keeps the mind sharp while learning choreography

-                       Fights ageing

-                       Relieves stress through music & dance

-                       Brings happiness

-                       Improves self-esteem & self-confidence

-                       Opportunity to bond & make new friends


Although it is not as readily available and accessible in Seychelles as it is across the world, Dance Fitness is gaining much interest and momentum in Seychelles, especially because of the overweight / obesity epidemic.


This is where the instructor at Dance Fitness Classes – a boutique fitness studio based in Seychelles – is tending to the wants and needs of the local population.

The studio currently offers Barre classes and will be introducing other types of dance / boutique-style fitness classes in the coming months.

Barre is nicknamed the ‘love-child of Pilates and Ballet’. At moderate-intensity, it is a Ballet-inspired routine which incorporates elements of traditional Pilates and strength training exercises – all to the fun, vibrant beats of dance, pop and classical songs.

Barre provides modest cardiovascular benefit, with a focus on toning the body, proper alignment and posture.

Through controlled, precise movements, Barre classes target and tone the muscles in the arms, shoulders, abdominals, thighs and butt, giving a full-body workout.  

It also improves flexibility, strength, posture and endurance, while relieving stress, and creating inner peace and inner calm.

During a Barre class, students make use of a Ballet Barre which helps to improve balance and flexibility, while sculpting the body. Light weights/dumbbells are also used for toning the upper body.

Barre workouts are increasingly becoming effective exercise routines, especially for women, since they are enjoyable, hence participants look forward to their classes and remain consistent with their exercise regime.

Barre routines are also popular with women since it offers them an elegant, poised, feminine activity which creates a lean ballerina / dancer’s physique.

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