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Import Permit Unit deploys its e-service |21 March 2023

The Import Permit Unit of the Trade department has announced that since the start of the week, all government agencies, NGOs and Offshore companies can access its e-service and apply for their permits electronically.

Any client wishing to have access to the e-service must first register with the Import Permit Office to have a valid e-ID. The following documents are required for the registration process namely Company TIN Certificate, a valid NIN card and a valid email address.

Also the Unit has introduced the digital signing of their permits so to increase its authenticity and security, and for this reason issued permits will no longer be printed.

The Import Permit Unit launched its e-service for import and export permits in 2012. The current version of the e-service is accessible only to legal entities that have a Business Registration Number and individuals with a valid NIN.

In 2022, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the process to open the e-service to government agencies, NGOs and Offshore companies was initiated.

The Trade department will be organising weekly training sessions on how to use the e-service in order to promote the use of the digital platform.




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