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Sandra releases ‘Rekonesans Vol 2’ |17 March 2023

Sandra releases ‘Rekonesans Vol 2’

          Re-interprets songs of some of Seychelles’ greats


Sandra’s new album, ‘Rekonesans Vol. 2’ is out and fans of all ages would definitely want to add it to their collection.

In an exclusive interview with Seychelles NATION, the 33-year-old artist explained that ‘Rekonesans Vol. 2’ is a continuation of the work she started way back in 2018, where she re-interpreted songs of artists who were well-established in the industry.

This time around she has re-interpreted songs from the greats like David Philoe, Hudson Dorothe, Alain Bacco, Simon Amade, Raymond Libanotis, Joseph (Joe) Samy, Kennet Accouche, Paquerette Labrosse and Equinox band.

Songs include popular tunes like ‘Fasilite’, ‘Lo Sa Later’, ‘Lalwa’, ‘Lemonn Ozordi’, ‘Deside’, among others, and Sandra said the title ‘Rekonesans’ is well-suited for the album as she wanted to show her appreciation for the works of those artists.

The album took about two years to complete, and Sandra said she was inspired by her vision to modernise past songs and incorporate them into today’s world.

The artist said although she understands that her work will not appeal to everyone, she was targeting all ages without exceptions and has therefore worked with different styles to entice people with different preferences and tastes.

She hopes that ‘Rekonenans Vol. 2’ does as well or even better than its first volume, so that the artists who have featured in the second edition, would be proud of the output and the public will appreciate the work.

When asked if she feels that her style of music has evolved over the years, the artist replied that “In life we never stop learning but it all depends on us, as individuals to decide if we want to make our work better”.

Sandra concluded the interview by stating that she hoped her plans will be realised with the grace of God. However, she did not reveal any plans except than to ask her fans to stay posted and follow her page “Sandra Seychelles” for future projects.


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