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Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs |14 March 2023

Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs

A souvenir photo from the morning's Women's Day event

Women’s Day celebrations brought to a successful end


After a week-long celebration of women, both in communities and in the ministry itself, the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs wrapped up the celebration on Friday last week with two key activities.

These were a health talk and screening for the female staff of the Burial Services section, held in the morning, followed by a gathering for its female secretariat staff and district administrators, hosted by their male counterparts in the afternoon.

The health-centered activity was held at the Les Mamelles community centre and targeted the 40 women working in the Burial Services section on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.

“Their job is often gruelling as they attend to the cemeteries, ensuring the upkeep and landscaping, and working in the sun. It is not easy work and some staff sometimes experience back pain and other health issues,” explained Claudy Mathiot, Burial Services manager.

“Hence we thought this health talk and screening, held in the context of Women’s Day, would be ideal for them,” she added.

In fact, one of the most engaging talks of the day was conducted by a physiotherapist, Lindy Poris, who spoke on and demonstrated the most effective way of bending over and picking up items, and the importance of proper posture.

There were also talks on oral hygiene, breast and cervical cancer, and managing the pelvic floor muscle.

On the side was a group of nurses from the Les Mamelles community centre facilitating the health screenings which included blood pressure checks, blood sugar monitoring and Body Mass Index (BMI) tests.

The women of the Burial Services were also presented with tokens by management staff.

Minister for Local Government and Community Affairs, Rose-Marie Hoareau, commended the women of the Burial Services for ensuring that the 14 public cemeteries in the country are run efficiently and described them as “bann fanm solid”, who contribute immensely to society.

Meanwhile, the afternoon’s event for female secretariat staff and district administrators had been entirely and beautifully coordinated by the men in the ministry led by the principal secretary for Local Government and Community Affairs, Kevin Perine.

Also in attendance were Minister Rose-Marie Hoareau and the Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry, Devika Vidot.

The activity included welcoming gifts, well wishes and uplifting remarks from the men, a poem written and performed by PS Perine, and a motivational talk by Betty Alcindor, a fearless woman and cancer survivor.

Three female staff who participated in the Developing Eagle Mindset workshop, organised by The Guy Morel Institute end of last year, also received their certificate during the event.

Additionally, the event was graced by two Seychellois women artists – Mia and Sandra – who gave rousing performances.

In the same event, Claudy Mathiot, manager of Burial Services within MLGCA, was recognised for her hard work and devotion.

It is important to note that each district hosted an activity last week to mark International Women’s Day, ranging from the presentation of flowers and tokens to staff and community members, recognition of impactful women in the respective districts, mental health talks and health screenings, among others.



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