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SBC’s Chart Attack |13 March 2023

‘Lagratel’ shoots to number one


A new number one song ‒ ‘Lagratel’ ‒, two new entries while some have been dropping in the chart are the highlights of week 205 of the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation’s Chart Attack show.

As usual, the Seychellois music-loving public turned to the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation’s Chart Attack show yesterday on Paradise FM and some were probably not surprised to hear that Philippe Toussaint’s ‘Lagratel’ had kicked Molo’s song ‘Ale’ out of the number one spot.

In fact, this is only the third week ‘Lagratel’ has been on the chart, making its entry at number three on February 26 and shooting to number two on March 5. It remains to be seen how long the song, which has proven to be a big hit since its release earlier this year, will remain at number one.

Molo’s song ‘Ale’ is now at number two after spending four weeks at number one and is followed in third place by D-Vyne’s ‘Move On’ ‒ the first of two new entries last week.

In its third week on the chart, ‘Eternel’ by Aslan featuring the Zenith Band lost the third position and is now fourth, followed in fifth position by Rio’s ‘Zis Parey’ which was sixth the previous week.

Two of Auspitious’ songs ‒ ‘I Zoli’ and ‘Cry’ ‒ have dropped in the standings. ‘I Zoli’ is at number six, down from number four and ‘Cry’ which was the number one song for six weeks until it was replaced by ‘Ale’, now stands at number eight after losing three places from number five.

The only non-mover last week was ‘Leve’ by Mozaik at number seven, while ‘Frison’ by Josh Wilds featuring Taniah has dropped from eighth to ninth.

To close last week’s chart at number 10 was another new entry ‘Rock Son Night’ by Barabas featuring D.L.I.

The two songs that lost their places on the chart last week were ‘Baby-Oh’ by Original Smash and ‘Lekor Ti Zoli’ by Richie B featuring Sly.

Chart Attack is sponsored by Inter Island Boats LTD and listeners can vote for their favourite song throughout the week on Paradise FM by calling telephone number 2520170.

Listeners can vote during the following times: Chicco dan paradi (10am – 11am), CusMun – En pti pe dan tou – (2pm – 3pm) and Oriji - The Cruize – (4.45pm– 6pm).



Compiled by Gerard Govinden

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