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‘Free breakfast programme will continue,’ says Ministry of Education |02 March 2023

‘Free breakfast programme will continue,’ says Ministry of Education

PS Eulentin (Photo: Alexander Lepathy)

  • States letter in circulation was false


The Ministry of Education has strongly condemned allegation made in a letter which was being circulated on social media on Tuesday, stating that the ministry will stop providing breakfast and lunch for secondary students under the Dedicated Fund as from March 13, 2023.

The letter dated February 28, allegedly emanated from a school, and was signed by a director, whose name had been hidden.

It stated that parents who needed assistance would have to fill in a form and provide personal documents such as utility bills and loan repayment information.

The letter added that parents had between March 7 and 17 to provide these details to be considered for an interview and eventual assistance for their children.

In a press conference yesterday afternoon at the ministry’s headquarters, the principal secretary for Education, Merna Eulentin, said the information was false and could have negative impact on parents and students, causing unnecessary stress.

“There was never any instructions to stop providing assistance being given to the children. The Ministry of Education condemns any false information made in its name and that of the schools to confuse parents and the public,” stated PS Eulentin, adding “it is sad that students have to suffer the negative impact of such an action that the letter may have caused”.

“We also want to stress strongly that government remains committed towards its ‘free breakfast’ programme in all schools in the country. Dedicated Fund is an assistance for all students in need and we take this opportunity to thank all schools, the headteachers and staff, who are ensuring that this is being delivered daily,” said PS Eulentin.

PS Eulentin said it was difficult to identify the source of the letter, but some people had received a copy either through whatsapp, email or messenger.

There are presently 834 pupils from primary schools receiving the assistance and 367 from secondary schools.


Patsy Canaya

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