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Seychellois Marie-May Jeremie elected as President of the new board of WIOMSA |25 February 2023

Seychellois Marie-May Jeremie elected as President of the new board of WIOMSA

Ms Jeremie

The 8th Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA) board of trustees has elected Seychellois Marie-May Jeremie as the President of the new board.

The election took place on February 2, 2003 during WIOMSA’s 44th board meeting.

Ms Jeremie currently serves as the chief executive of the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT). She is a highly skilled senior executive with a strong interest and experience in biodiversity conservation, ocean governance and science-to-policy advocacy.

In her comments at the board meeting, the newly elected president said: “I am honoured by the trust bestowed upon me by the WIOMSA board. I will serve the association diligently and strive to ensure that WIOMSA remains steadfast in the path forged by the remarkable leaders who have transformed the association over the past 30 years and left a legacy that will ripple through the western Indian Ocean region for years to come.”

On this note the Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, Flavien Joubert, has congratulated Ms Jeremie on her appointment and wishes her well in this new and important role as the President of WIOMSA.

Dr Nina Wambiji has been elected as the vice-president and Dr Blandina Lugendo as the treasurer.

The organisation is dedicated to promoting the educational, scientific and technological development of all aspects of marine sciences throughout the Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region (consisting of 10 countries including Seychelles), with a view toward sustaining the use and conservation of its marine resources.

WIOMSA has a particular interest in linking the knowledge that emerges from research to the management and governance issues that affect marine and coastal ecosystems in the region.


Press release from the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment

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