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Malaysia education exhibition attracts many |20 February 2023

Malaysia education exhibition attracts many

Prospective students hoping to further their studies in Malaysia had the opportunity to interact with eight reputable university institutions based in Malaysia, through an education exhibition on Saturday.

Held at the Eden Blue Hotel, the event attracted a number of students who are currently undertaking A-Level studies and others who have completed their respective A-Levels, Diploma or higher level programmes from post-secondary institutions, and who are hoping to deepen the knowledge in their chosen fields at university level. A good number were also accompanied by their parents.

The Malaysia education exhibition has been organised by the Malaysia Education Centre in coordination with the Ministry of Education since 2016.

At the event, prospective students have the opportunity to interact with the universities to discuss the study options available, scholarship and sponsorship opportunities and to receive guidance on the application process as well as immigration process, such as Visa applications.

According to managing director of the Malaysia Education Centre, Fadil Ruhomatally, there are presently over 200 Seychellois students pursuing studies in Malaysia, at different levels including degree-level and Masters programmes.

Studying in Malaysia presents numerous advantages, he said, the first being that the courses, qualifications and certifications are internationally recognised.

“The cost of studying in Malaysia is very affordable and it is a safe country. Students feel comfortable to study there because it is safe, and by the end they are getting an internationally-recognised programme,” Mr Ruhomatally noted.

Additionally, much like Seychelles, Malaysia is a multicultural society and one where the climate is fairly similar to Seychelles, meaning it is easy for students to adjust and adapt quickly.

Aura Larue, who is undertaking her A-Level studies at the Vijay International School, Praslin, travelled to Mahé especially to attend the fair.

“I came to get more information about a degree course in economics, the entry requirements and course structure. I am also interested in finding out about campus life and student life in Malaysia in general,” she said.

Similarly, a group of friends who have all successfully-completed their Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences from the National Institute of Health and Social Studies (NIHSS) and who qualify for scholarships were in attendance to apply for the 3-year degree programme in biomedical sciences. Samira Low-Thion, Hannah Roucou and Sheryl Mondon who completed their examinations in December 2022 and who are set to graduate in April, checked out two universities in particular, Taylors University and Sunway University. They conveyed to Seychelles NATION their hopes to be accepted into the same institution.

Assisting officials of Asia Pacific University (APU) in providing guidance to Seychellois students on Saturday was alumni Emma Ah-Shung, who emerged as the Best Student of 2022 after successfully concluding her Bachelors in International Relations.

Ms Ah-Shung commenced her programme in 2018 at a Chinese university but then changed over to Malaysia. She describes the study experience in Malaysia as nothing short of amazing, being quite a different experience from Seychelles. While in Malaysia she was a student Ambassador, and would assist whenever the university and other students required her help.

“I got to experience so much, and Malaysia itself. It was a unique experience and I try to encourage other students to opt for the overseas experience as you get to learn a lot,” Ms Ah-Shung stated.


Laura Pillay

Photos by Louis Toussaint

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