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Paradise FM Chart Attack |20 February 2023

Molo stays on top with Ale


Despite numerous changes to the Paradise FM Chart Attack, Molo remains on top for the second week running with Ale.

Molo, who is best known for his hit Botan, was absent from the music scene for years but has recently made a comeback, and looks as though he is here to stay following the success of Tifiy Madanm Roz in 2022.

Auspitious, who has had two songs among the top five since the previous week, has not declined from second and third spots, although fans voted for I zoli to climb up to second from third position, taking Cry from second to third position.

Only in its third week on the charts since the epic release of both the song and music video, Mozaik’s Leve remains fourth, while Baby-Oh by Original Smash has climbed up a notch to fifth spot.

The lower end of the charts has seen just as much movement as the top half, with only one song remaining in the same spot as the previous week, Napa Regre by Clive Camille which is still ninth.

Meanwhile, Nou de Lanmourez, a collaboration by Brey In Reveye featuring Fastidious and AyaItes has made it to sixth position in its second week that it features on the charts.

Humble Man’s Solo has slid down two spots to seventh position, while Survive by Spesyalis has also gone down a notch from seventh the previous week, to eighth position.

Trigger featuring Elijah were voted into 10th position with Ki arive, also a decline from the previous week when the pair were in eighth position.

The SBC Paradise FM Chart Attack is voted for by fans of Paradise FM throughout each week. Votes are tallied and announced weekly.


Compiled by Laura Pillay

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