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Aviation security training addresses airport priority needs |11 February 2023

Aviation security training addresses airport priority needs

Photo 1 – SCAA CEO Garry Albert handing over certificate to Jessica Radegonde from Seychelles Police (Airport police)

Three different security training courses were conducted at the Seychelles International Airport in January, providing aviation security knowledge to Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority staff and airport stakeholders.

This was with the aim of supporting the aviation security of the Seychelles International Airport in their efforts to meet the obligations of the National Civil Aviation Security Programme.

The training addressed air cargo and mail security, security risk and crisis management, security threats recipients and assessment, conducted by aviation security consultant Raymond Rimba from Nairobi, Kenya.

The over 60 participants who participated in the training received their certificates recently in a short ceremony at the airport’s ‘Payanke Lounge.’

In his address to the participants, Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) chief executive Garry Albert took the opportunity to highlight this year’s ‘service excellence’ theme:

“It is our utmost priority to invest in training, bringing in consultants who can provide the necessary knowledge and skills to our workforce, as we continue to gear up to attain 5-star service levels at our airports, to meet the exigent demands of our five-star airlines and clienteles, so we must up our game,” said Mr Albert.

He further added: “With a new terminal on the horizon, our airport team understands security risks will be higher; therefore, acquiring the necessary knowledge to mitigate any possible threat is imperative.”

Members of staff were grateful to have had such an opportunity to undergo such fruitful training.  Some of them shared their experiences.

“The training made me realise that I am working in a position whereby I can receive a threat from a phone call or even in person. Before that, I would not have known what to do, however now, the knowledge acquired during this training will enable me with the ability to assess a threat situation and make decisions which could save lives or avoid unnecessary disruption to the operation, as well as communicate with the appropriate responders promptly,” said Samia Dugasse, an SCAA customer service supervisor.

As for Esmée Samson, general manager of air navigation services, she had this to say: “I have the responsibility to develop and implement a security programme; it was the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge to lead my department in completing and coordinating its implementation.”

Mike Walter Mousbe, acting chief operations officer Air Seychelles said: “I appreciate the initiative by SCAA to organise the security training. The training brought together various industry stakeholders, allowing us to enhance our capabilities synergistically. As a result, I am positive that all the participants are now more confident about delivering their daily functions about security.”


 Press release from SCAA

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