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‘UNTITLED’ art exhibition under way at Eden Art Space |10 February 2023

‘UNTITLED’ art exhibition under way at Eden Art Space

● Over 30 artwork from 20 artists on display


Art lovers can feast their eyes on a new selection of artwork in an exhibition dubbed ‘UNTITLED’ at the Eden Art Space, organised by the Arterial Network Seychelles ‒ the first for the year 2023.

The exhibition, which opened to the public on January 27, is showcasing work from 20 different artists.

By giving the name ‘UNTITLED’, Arterial Network Seychelles said it wanted to create an exhibition that allows for a greater diversity of subject matter, multidiscipline and mixed media, and a broader appeal to art lovers.

In previous times, the Eden Art Space has hosted themed exhibitions which focused on one particular subject and according to gallery manager, Shelley Morden, this is sometimes a gift to an artist as it serves as an inspiration for their painting. However, she said this can also be limiting an artist’s creativity.

“We have to recognise that artist paints what comes through their mind and what comes from the heart and it does not always fit the theme, and so we need to give them that space and the ‘UNTITLED’ theme does just that,” she said.

There are currently over 30 pieces of art work on display and each piece is on sale.

Ms Morden is encouraging all artists to make use of the gallery to display their work and refutes popular belief that putting their work in a gallery is something posh and high class.

“Art is for everybody. I wish more people would come and enjoy and appreciate what we have here in Seychelles. We are so rich in creativity,” she added.

Although Arterial Network Seychelles does not have a specific age group criterion, artists do have to be a member, which is gratuitous, or they could become a full member, which has more benefits like being on the committee and having voting rights.

“The gallery exhibits for students to professional artists, with the only criteria being a member of Arterial Network Seychelles and having good quality of work to submit.”

The ‘UNTITLED’ exhibition can be viewed throughout the day and is expected to go on until March 11, 2023.

Our selection of photos show some of the art work on display in the exhibition.


Diane Larame

Photos by Louis Toussaint

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