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George Camille at 19th Segou’Art Festival |06 February 2023

George Camille at 19th Segou’Art Festival

George Camille guiding the Prime Minister of Mali, Dr Choguel Kokalla Maiga, on a tour of his exhibition

  • Showcases a collection of 26 recent artworks in ‘So Close, So Far’


Seychelles renowned artist George Camille has taken part in the 19th Segou’Art 2023, Festival sur le Niger, which is one of the biggest annual artistic manifestations on the African continent.

This year’s event which was held on the banks of the river Niger, in Segou, Mali, took place from January 31 to February 5 and Mr Camille had been invited to take part for the third time.

It was officially opened by Mali’s Prime Minister, Dr Choguel Kokalla Maiga last Thursday.

Mr Camille was exhibiting a collection of twenty-six of his recent artworks, which comprises etchings, collagraphs and four large canvases in a solo exhibition entitled ‘So Close, So Far’. He said the collection is a consolidation of his work over the past few years.

“The exhibition title, ‘So Close, So Far’, refers to the fact that the two locations, Segou and Seychelles, are at the extremities of the African continent and while being far away in a physical form, yet being close and near in emotions and creativity. Both locations are dependent on the body of water surrounding them to provide sustenance and importance,” he explained in his exhibition text.

With regard to his artworks, Mr Camille described them as “the act of figures falling within an emotional and physical space is the extreme manifestation of losing control and falling apart”.

He added there are also “oases of calm that can be found through images possessing an almost meditative stillness, which represents a sense of fortitude and a harmonious equilibrium between humanity and nature”.

Mr Camille works with a wide variety of techniques and medium, including painting, printmaking and sculpting and over the years, has been selected to represent Seychelles at several International Art Biennales including Venice, Beijing, and Dakar. His artworks have been exhibited extensively in Seychelles, the Indian Ocean Islands, Europe, Africa, and China.

The artist’s work can be seen on social media.

The accompanying photos show some of Mr Camille’s paintings on display in the exhibition.




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