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Sifco discusses pertinent issues with President Ramkalawan |01 February 2023

Sifco discusses pertinent issues with President Ramkalawan

Sifco members in a souvenir photograph with President Ramkalawan after the meeting (Photo: Joena Meme)

The Seychelles Interfaith Council (Sifco) had a meeting with President Wavel Ramkalawan yesterday at State House to discuss various pertinent issues.

As Sifco falls directly under the President’s Office, it is part of its mandate to meet with the Head of State at least once a year.

In the meeting that lasted just over three hours, the members of Sifco presented the theme for 2023 which is ‘Promoting Peace and National Unity’. From February 1 to 7, the world celebrates Harmony Week and Sifco will seize this opportunity to promote and educate the population on how to live in harmony and the activities will continue during the year.

“We asked a meeting with the Head of State since last year, but it could not be possible. We had the chance to discuss various matters such as how Sifco will be functioning. In our discussion we spoke on how Sifco views the concept of ‘Promoting Peace and National Unity’ and the President also believes that Sifco has an important role in promoting peace and unity in the country,” shared the chairperson of Sifco, Archdeacon Danny Elizabeth.

Among other subjects was the Sifco House. “We would like to inform the public that soon we will lay the foundation stone for the project and we ask the people to pray for it and whoever wants to contribute towards the project, please come forward. Sifco presented the concept to the President and as usual he assured us of his full support.”

Other subjects that were brought forward are issues that are contributing towards the downfall of society such as drugs, sex shops, and casinos among others.

“The President welcomed the ideas from Sifco and how we can socially help the society.”

What is the take of President Ramkalawan on Sifco? Archdeacon Elizabeth shared that the President appreciates the existence of Sifco in Seychelles and he urged the group to keep giving the message of peace and hope to the government.

President Ramkalawan said Sifco will always exist and its role is to give spiritual guidance to the community. Sifco also will be the spiritual guardian and give its opinions on things that matter to the society.

In order to facilitate consultation between the President’s Office and Sifco, a liaison person – Nadine Jack – has been appointed.

Members present at the meeting were Archdeacon Danny Elizabeth and Bishop Chang Him (Anglican Church), Father Eric Léon and Sister Alice Vivienne (Roman Catholic Church), Ruby Pardiwalla (Zoroastrian Society), Jean-Claude Matombe (Brahma Kumaris), Anil Singh (Hindu Council), Marion Gendron (Baha’i Faith), Father Sergios (Orthodox Church), Pastor Hermitte (Seychelles Evangelical Association) and Imam Heneka (Islamic Council). Muditha Gunatilake from the Buddhist Association could not attend the meeting.


Vidya Gappy


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