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Des celebrates 64 years in music with much-anticipated Country & Western show |26 January 2023

Des celebrates 64 years in music with much-anticipated Country & Western show

Des and Mr Larue posing for our photographer

  • Performs alongside South African country stars, based in Nashville


Country and Western fans in Seychelles will be exposed to their favourite music in a two and half hour show initiated and led by renowned local singer, Des (Despilly William) this coming Saturday evening at the International Conference Centre.

This is Des’ first live performance since 2018 when he was accompanied by the Still Waters band.

In an interview with Seychelles NATION, the 78-year old stated it was his much-anticipated show where he hopes to dazzle his fans with his favourite country and western tracks including ‘There Goes my everything’ by Elvis Presley, ‘Send me back home’ and ‘Ring of Fire’ among others.

Des will be performing alongside a group of locals namely France Hoareau, Dave Pool and Guy Marie among others, accompanied by a selection of experienced local musicians including Nabby Jules, Mervin Nibourette and Philippe Toussaint.

His concert will also see the participation of his friend, Walter Larue, who is a passionate singer and musician, and private owner of company SF Group, which owns car company, SF Hybrid, who is also the main sponsor of the show.

Des once had the opportunity to sing alongside Mr Larue with his band ‘Island Fever’, and said he was looking forward to once again perform country and western music with the man, who does music for pleasure and fun.

Mr Larue will feature with his nine-year old grand-child, Jade, who is also passionate about singing.

Des who is looking forward to the show has urged his eager and adorable fans to purchase their R350 ticket as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

«I am happy that at my age I am coming back on stage; I feel good and I am very excited. I am so looking forward to the performance. So make the most of it. I do not know whether this would be my last performance so seize this opportunity,” he said.

The concert’s other main attraction is foreign Country and Western group, led by Juanita du Plessis, who is accompanied by her children, singers Ruan Josh and Franja du Plessis, both with several country and western albums under their belts.

Originally from South Africa, the group is presently based in Nashville, Texas, the home of country music in the United States.

Juanita du Plessis is leading a seven-member group, including her friends and their trip to Seychelles has been facilitated by Eden Island’s owner, Craig Heeger.

Her singing career began in 1998 with her debut album Juanita, and she is renowned for her song ‘Ska-Rumba’. During that year, Juanita du Plessis won the CMA awards as best singer, best songwriter and the Association's Award for outstanding achievement.

Her record sales total over 3 million.

According to Mr Larue, who has initiated her trip to Seychelles, the lady singer is a star in her own rights and a must-see and is urging locals to turn up in droves to see her live.

Meanwhile, fans and the general public have an extra bonus to Saturday’s event as a special lottery ticket is on sale, where the lucky winner will walk away with a jeep worth nearly R1 million as star prize, sponsored by Providence-based SF Hybrid Motors, whereas the runner-up wins a R75,000 scooter.

Saturday’s concert, coordinated by Basil Bouchereau, kicks off at 7.30pm.


Patsy Canaya

Photos by Emma Ah-Kong

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