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Top five remains unchanged on Paradise FM’s Chart Attack show |23 January 2023

Things have been relatively calm on the SBC Paradise FM’s Chart Attack show over the past week, with absolutely no changes to the top 5 songs compared to the previous week.

Songster Auspitious remains in top spot with ‘Cry’ for the fourth week now, in its tenth week on the charts.

As was the case the week before, Humble Man is in second spot with ‘Solo’, while Jahkim’s ‘Ankor enn fwa’ remains in third position. Fans voted to keep Shane’s ‘Sa enn’ in fourth spot, just ahead of ‘Survive’ by Spesyalis in fifth position.

While the top of the charts is unchanged, the bottom half has seen some slight changes, although nothing too surprising with no new entries. Jahkim’s second song currently on the chart, ‘Yerswar’ slid down from the previous week, from sixth to seventh, in its ninth week on the charts.

‘Ou pa feel’ by L-Xtus climbed up two spots from eight position the previous week, to sixth, while Daniel claims both eighth and ninth spot, with ‘Lakle’ and ‘Drive’ respectively.

Last year, ‘Lakle’ remained in number one spot for nineteen weeks, in its twenty-five weeks on the charts.

Meanwhile ‘Drive’, which had remained on top for nine weeks, also climbed up a notch to ninth position, from tenth the previous week. It has remained on the charts for a whopping 38 weeks.

Fans voted ‘In love’ by Dan featuring Lil J into tenth position, one down from the previous week.


Compiled by Laura Pillay

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