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Year 2022 news highlights |30 December 2022

As we come to the end of 2021, Seychelles NATION presents its readers with a month-by-month summary of some of the local news that have marked this eventful year.





01.01: William (Bill) McAteer, the pre-eminent Seychelles historian, is made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Her Majesty the Queen in the UK’s New Year’s Honours.

The award is in recognition for his work in researching and documenting the history of the Seychelles.


01.01: Three baby girls are born on New Year’s day. The first baby comes into this world at 7.31am, the second at 10.52am and the third at 11.12am.


01.01: Lapolis i anrezistre premye aksidan fatal lo semen pour sa lannen apre ki en zonm 50-an, Robert Vidot, i perdi son lavi ler i ganny tape avek en transpor.


01.01: Garry Albert’s new three-year mandate as chief executive of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) starts.


02.01: Madanm Noemie Benoit, en zabitan Cascade, i selebre son 106enm lanniverser.


03.01: Sister Cecile Hoarau from the Order of the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny passes away at the Convent of the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny in Victoria at the age of 86 years.


06.01: Lakour Siprenm i kondann Nathalie Bacco, aze 27-an sorti Beau Belle, 2-an prizon pour lofans omisid envolonter. Sepandan son santans i ganny sispann vi son kondisyon lasante.

Bacco i manman en pti baba ki ti ganny dekouver mor dan bin dan zanmerant GranKaz Bel Ombre le 12 Zilyet 2021.


06.01: Businessman and dialysis patient Percy Morel and his wife Denise donate five brand new wheelchairs to the dialysis unit at the Seychelles Hospital, which are to benefit dialysis patients undergoing treatment daily at the facility.


08.01:  Madanm Marie Antoinette Barrack, en lot santener sorti Cascade, i selebre son 103enm lanniverser.


08.01: Une maison à St Louis-Bel Air est victime d’un incendie où une chambre est complètement détruite.


09.01: Msye Ernest Quatre ek son madanm Rita i selebre zot 50enm lanniverser maryaz pandan lanmes 9er bomaten dan Katedral Imakile Konsepsyon.


09.01: President Wavel Ramkalawan leads a delegation to Praslin Island to visit cargo facilities at the Baie Ste Anne port.

The aim of the visit is to discuss on site the cargo port facilities, projects that could be of benefit to operators and residents and to agree on the implementation of a public private partnership project. The project will be a collaboration between government and Praslin businessman and owner of MV Lespoir, Gerard Rose.


11.01: Seychelles enregistre un nouveau centenaire en la personne de Claire Coutts qui fête ses 100 ans.


12.01: As part of Diageo, Seychelles Breweries Ltd (SBL) launches the ‘All female apprenticeship scheme’.

This opportunity is tailor made for young women fresh out of post-secondary schooling with limited or no experience but looking to venture into the world of work and build a career in a vibrant and dynamic industry.


13.01: Vijay Patel Seychelles Ltd makes a donation of sanitary towels to girls in all state and private schools who are in financial difficulty to access these products.


14.01: A new eye care facility – MIOT International Total Eye Care – is officially opened at Espace Building.

The state-of-the-art facility is a collaboration between Miot International and Visus Optical.


14.01: Vennkat (24) fanmir dan distrik Anse Royale i resevwar lakle pour zot nouvo lakaz Remise, Ex-Sacos Estate. Sa bann lakaz i annan 2 a 3 lasanm.


15.01: The Danny Faure Foundation launches the Danny Faure Media Awards 2021 competition.

The Awards aim to encourage reporting that promotes Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance (TAGG), hence raising public awareness, understanding and participation.


17.01: Sister Gertrude, born Marie-Stella Tirant, passes away six months shy of her 90th birthday.

Sister Gertrude made her perpetual vows in September 1965.


18.01: The chief executive of the Seychelles Petroleum Company Limited, Conrad Benoiton, is suspended pending an investigation into the procedure of the disposal and sale of one Seypec’s tankers, the Seychelles Pride. The sale was concluded on January 12, 2022.


18.01: Baie Lazare resident Angele Madeleine Labiche, nee Dogley, celebrates her 100th birthday.

She is the district’s only resident to hit the century mark.


20.01: The police announce that they have discovered and seized more firearms and ammunitions, as well as a certain sum of money in foreign currency, at the home of Mukesh Valabhji and Laura Valabhji – the two prime suspects arrested in connection with the arms, ammunition and alleged conspiracy to commit terrorism matter before the Supreme Court.


21.01: An operation conducted jointly by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles (ACCS) and the Seychelles police in collaboration with the immigration authorities leads to the arrest of a woman for whom a red alert notice had been issued earlier in the day.

The arrest, on suspicion of money laundering, is made as the person, listed on a power of attorney for Mukesh Valabjhi's bank accounts in Singapore, attempts to leave the country.




24.01: L’Ambassadrice de l’Ordre de Malte, S.E. Alexandra Azaïs signe un protocole d’accord avec Monseigneur Alain Harel, Evêque du Diocèse Catholique de Port Victoria pour une donation de la valeur de 20 000 euros destinée à un programme de la Caritas Victoria pour l’assistance aux enfants démunis.


25.01: The second cohort of prison staff seconded from the Tanzanian Prison Service (TPS) assume their duties with the Seychelles Prison Service (SPS). 


26.02: Centenarian Fulgencia Malcouzane, née Maria, passes away at the age of 103.


27.01: The Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) releases its abridged procurement plan for 2022, outlining various projects planned for this year requiring expertise not available in the Bank.


28.01: The court grants an application filed by lawyer Frank Elizabeth for him to no longer represent Mukesh Valabhji (suspect number 1) and his wife Laura Valabhji (suspect number 2) in the case of the missing US $50 million and illegal possession of arms, ammunition and alleged conspiracy to commit terrorism.


28.01: C’est avec beaucoup de tristesse que la nation seychelloise apprend le décès de l’ancien Vice-Président de la République Joseph Belmont.

Né le 1er juin 1947, Joseph Belmont était plutôt connu pour sa carrière politique aux Seychelles.  Son plus haut statut dans l’administration gouvernementale était quand il avait occupé le poste de la vice-présidence des Seychelles du 14 juillet 2004 jusqu'à sa retraite le 30 juin 2010.


28.01: Five associations are recognised for their contribution towards the Blood Transfusion Centre (BTC) from June 2020 to June 2021.

They are Rotary Club with 61 units; Melvin Jones Fellows, Lions International (56 units); National Institute of Health and Social Studies (47 units); Grand Anse Praslin health centre (41 units) and Laxmanbhai (37 units).


29.01: The commander-in-chief of the Seychelles Defence Forces (SDF), President Wavel Ramkalawan, promotes the commander of the Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG), Lieutenant Colonel Jean Attala, to the ranks of Colonel and Major David Arrisol, also from SCG, to the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel.

Additionally, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Hollanda is appointed by President Ramkalawan as the first Land Force Commander of SDF.


29.01: Angèle Labiche née Dogley passes away a mere 11 days after she turned 100 on January 18, 2022.




01.02: Several amendments in the Minor Offences Decree and Minor Offences Regulations come into force with the main aim of minimising traffic-related offences, while making public roads a safer place for both drivers and pedestrians.


02.02: Seychelles Breweries Ltd launches its calendar of activities leading up to its 50 year celebrations on July 10, 2022.


02.02: A Seychellois female centenarian, Simone Charles, passes away at the age of 101.


02.02: A newly constructed field hospital at Perseverance to handle local Covid-19 cases is officially handed over to the Ministry of Health.

The new facility, which has been erected at the Seychelles Coast Guard base, is a gift from the State of Qatar, under the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD).


03.02: The trial of 35-year-old Frenchman Thomas Debatisse accused of and charged with murdering his girlfriend, 32-year-old Emmanuelle Badibanga, during their holiday at the Club Med Seychelles’ all-inclusive resort on Ste Anne Island on April 26 last year, opens at the Supreme Court.

Judge Melchior Vidot is presiding over the case while the prosecution lawyers are Herman Kumar and Gulmette Leste. The accused is being represented by lawyers Basil Hoareau and Ms Afif.


04.02: The Oncology Unit of the Seychelles Hospital receives a donation of medical equipment from GranKaz in commemoration of World Cancer Day.

The donation includes trolleys for serving patients’ food, four commode-chairs for dependent patients, a printer/scanner and toners to be use for chemotherapy prescriptions, combination of shelves and desk, a sofa set, as well as plastic slippers for patients' use in the chemotherapy unit.


04.02 : The funeral service of former Vice-President Joesph Belmont takes place at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception followed by burial at the Mont Fleuri cemetery.


07.02: The 20th exercise Cutlass Express, sponsored by US Africa Command and conducted by US Naval Forces Africa, is officially launched in Seychelles.

Exercise Cutlass Express is US Africa Command’s (Africom) largest naval training exercise in the Indian Ocean, bringing together US forces and regional partners to share their expertise and experience.


08.02: The Japanese embassy in Seychelles hands over the deaf centre at Mont Fleuri to the Association of People with Hearing Impairment (Aphi).

The new school for the deaf has been made possible through a donation of 10 million Japanese yen (R1.3 million) from the Japanese government under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects for NGOs and local governments.


09.02: The Electoral Commission and the National Bureau of Statistics formally sign and exchange the necessary documents for the 2022 voters’ census to be conducted in concurrence with the population and housing census.


09.02: Four students from the Seychelles Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture (SIAH) leave for Desroches Island to gain firsthand experience working in agriculture on an outer island.

Their attachment training programme has been organised by the Islands Development Company (IDC) in collaboration with SIAH.


10.02: The Minister for Transport, Antony Derjacques, visits the site where a ship repair facility will be built on Ile Perseverance.

The ship repair facility, in the form of a new modular floating dry dock (self-docking dry dock), built to the highest environmental standards, was approved by cabinet on October 6, 2021. 

It will be able to accommodate vessels of up to 5000 tonnes.


10.02 : La ville de Nanjing fait un don de 800 équipements de protection individuelle et 10 000 masques à la ville de Victoria.

La ville de Nanjing et la Ville de Victoria sont des villes amies depuis 2019.


11.02: The Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry Devika Vidot officially launches Sports Tourism as an investment prospect to several attendees at the Dubai Expo.


14.02: As part of her first official visit to the United Arab Emirates, Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry Minister Devika Vidot meets with Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and SMEs.


14.02: Seychelles and the World Health Organisation (WHO) sign a joint two-year programme budget for 2022-2023 worth US $957,874.


15.02: The Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG) receives two specialist drones from the British high commission (BHC).


19.02: The ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Seychelles, Annett Günther, inaugurates a new environment club – LEAP Junior – for pupils and students residing in Port Glaud.

The inauguration of the club falls under the Locally Empowered Area Protection (LEAP) project.


20.02: The Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (Ceps) launches a week-long activities to commemorate the non-governmental organisations’ week (Feb. 20 – 27)

This forms part of its effort to revive the civil society in Seychelles.


21.02: Elsia Françoise represents Seychelles at the first ever Miss Environment International Pageant being held in Mumbai, India.

The prime objective of the pageant is to promote the importance of environmental conservation.


21.02 : Une nouvelle crèche ouvre ses portes à Glacis. Cette crèche nouvellement construite par le gouvernement Seychellois au coût de 2,1 millions de roupies peut accueillir 60 enfants.


21.02: Pour konmemor Lazournen Enternasyonal Lalang Maternel, Lakademi Kreol Sesel an kolaborasyon avek Lazans Lagrikiltir Sesel, i ofisyelman lans en liv lo premye metod formasyon dan prodiksyon dimyel pour bann apikilter e apranti apikilter lokal.


21.02: Lands and Housing Minister Billy Rangasamy launches the land registration project for Praslin and La Digue by officially declaring the adjudication area to be covered under the land registration project.


22.02: President Wavel Ramkalawan delivers his State-of-the-nation address before the National Assembly.


22.02: Two new proportionally-elected members of the National Assembly – Florry Larue and Paul Ernesta – take  their oath in front of Speaker Roger

MNA Ernesta who represents United Seychelles (US) replaces Noline Sophola, while MNA Larue who represents the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS), replaces Jany Letourdie.


29.01: The Ile Perseverance Seventh Day Adventist Group launches the Adventist Youth Ministries (AYM) in the district.





01.03: The majority of measures and restrictions put in place on account of Covid-19 are lifted or relaxed.


01.03: The Agency for Social Protection (ASP) unveils its new logo and launches its new website.


01.03: The Agency for Social Protection rewards Urny Mathiot on being the winner of a competition to design the agency’s new logo.


01.03: Seychelles and Cuba sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for cooperation in disaster response.


01.03: Doreen Valentin is promoted from Resort Manager to Hotel Manager of the DoubleTree by Hilton Seychelles Allamanda Resort & Spa.

She is the first Seychellois woman to reach that level with an international hotel chain.


02.03: Seychelles hosts a first workshop to assess the types of technologies that can be used to help transform agriculture, fisheries and energy sectors, as well as identify their effect on social, economic and environmental aspects.


03.03: More than 100 officers from the Seychelles Police Force (SPF) are promoted in ranks ranging from corporal to assistant superintendent.


04.03: Fahreen Rajan, the eighth suspect in the case of the missing US $50 million donated to Seychelles in 2002 by the Abu Dhabi government, is released on a R500,000 bail, along with certain strict conditions imposed by the court.

Ms Rajan has been charged with money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering, along with concealment of property.


04.03: To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Agency for Social Protection (ASP) rewards 37 employees who have worked with the agency for the last ten years.


06.03: Three foreign fishing boats are intercepted on suspicion of illegal fishing in Seychelles waters.


07.03: The second submarine cable – Pakistan & East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) – officially lands in Seychelles. It is expected to be fully operational in May.


07.03: Linyon Demokratik Seselwa elected member of the Nation Assembly for the district of St Louis, Sathya Naidu, is elected to lead the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa’s (UCLG Africa) network of locally elected youth of Africa for the continent’s eastern region.


08.03: Airtel donates a helpline number to Comesa Federation of Women in Business (COMFWB) Seychelles to commemorate International Women’s Day

The number to call is 2828297 and any person who wants advice on their business or even an appointment with the COMFWB representatives should dial that number.


08.03: En group madanm diferan laz sorti dan tou kous nou sosyete i zwenn ansanm dan en foronm en demi zournen pour selebre zot lakonplisman e partaz zot leksperyans.

Sa  foronm i form parti aktivite pour konmemor Lazournen Enternasyonal bann Madanm e i en linisyativ Minister Lazenes, Spor ek Lafanmir dirize par Minis Marie Celine Zialor.


09.03: Construction work on a new hospital for La Digue kicks off.


10.03: The Ministry of Health receives a sequencer from the Africa Centre for Disease Control.

The iSeq 100 sequencer offers flexibility to transition easily between multiple DNA and RNA sequencing applications, including small genome sequencing, targeted gene sequencing, and gene expression profiling.


11.02: The Committee for Awareness, Resilience and Education (Care) launches its school-based substance abuse prevention campaign for this year.


11.03: A new logo for The Children’s House Montessori primary and preschool is unveiled to celebrate its 25 years of existence.


11.03 : Pour konmemor son 24enm lanniverser depi son letablisman an 1998, Konsey Nasyonal pour Lazenes Sesel (SNYC) i lans en nouvo progranm apele ‘Connect’ pour bann zenn.

‘Connect’ i en progranm ‘Psycho-Spiritual’ ki pou ganny enplimante konman en zouti pour enpakte bann zenn e osi ed zot epanouir pour ogmant zot byennet. Atraver sa progranm, bann zenn pou osi konn e apresye zot lekor.


12.03: The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Family, organises a pap smear drive in all the regional health centres across Mahé, Praslin and La Digue.


12.03: Mouvman Zenn Sitwayen i selebre son 18enm lanniverser e pour konmemor sa lokazyon i onor 11 fasilitater e prezant zot en pti tokenn lapresiasyon ek rekonnesans apre ki zot in travay avek sa mouvman pour ankadre bann zenn depi son lansman ofisyel le 12 Mars 2004 . 


14.03: The University of Seychelles holds its first National Academic Olympiad with participants from various secondary schools and the winners are Plaisance and Independent.

The purpose of the event is to motivate and inspire students as well as promote academic learning.


16.03: The National Accreditation Focal Points (NAFPs) for Seychelles located at the Seychelles Bureau of Standard at Providence scoops the Southern African Development Community Accreditation Services 2022 Award for the ‘Most Effective NAFP’ in the region.


16.03: The Seychelles Fashion Week-Dubai is officially launched at Jubilee Stage, with a total of four local and three international designers taking part in the event alongside 18 models from Seychelles and make-up and hair artist Ann Marie Price.


18.03: The governments of Seychelles and Nepal are in discussion on a bilateral labour agreement to ensure protection of the rights of Nepalese workers in Seychelles.


19.03 : Le coup d’envoi de la fête de la Francophonie a lieu à la Grande Case de l’Union Estate, La Digue. Cette année le thème est ‘La Francophonie de l’avenir : numérique, entreprenariat et environnement.’


20.03: The Seychelles International Airport commemorates 50 years since its opening on March 20, 1972.


21.03: Designated Minister Jean-Francois Ferrari, who is also the Minister for Fisheries and the Blue Economy, represents Seychelles at the 13th Monaco Blue Initiative hosted by the Principality of Monaco.


21.03: Result-Based Management (RBM) framework, the transformation tool to ensure that processes, products and services contribute to the achievement of desired results, is officially launched.


22.03: A first group of 66 public servants start training following the official launch of the Result-Based Management (RBM) training framework in the public service.


22.03: Exercise LAMITIYE-2022, a joint military exercise between the Seychelles Defence Forces and Indian Army, starts. 

It is the ninth joint military exercise between both nations.


23.03: The Seychelles Meteorological Authority (SMA) under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment celebrated its ISO 9001:2015 certification in aviation weather services.


23.03: The Governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS), Caroline Abel, receives an award by the World Women Leadership Congress and Awards for being among the Global Women Achievers.


24.03: President Wavel Ramkalawan holds his first live Presidential Press Conference for the year 2022 with local media outlets and journalists.


24.03: Following a flooding incident due to heavy rainfall on March 11, Seychelles Infrastructure Agency, under the supervision of President Wavel Ramkalawan, gather all the relevant stakeholders and agencies which provide technical support to the government for a special meeting with the aim of bringing forward related suggestions to help in mitigating such incident in the future.


25.03 : Madanm Aimée Payet ne Ernesta i selebre son 100enm lanniverser.

Madanm Payet ti ne le 25 Mars 1922 Praslin e in en zabitan Praslin pour 17-an.


26.03: President Wavel Ramkalawan heads a delegation on a visit to Upper Corgat Estate which has been heavily affected by flooding.

President Ramkalawan visits at least 20 families and learns about their challenges and distress faced due to the recent flooding that affected their homes and businesses.


26.03: A new executive committee is elected during the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa’s first convention since coming to power in October 2020

Roger Mancienne remains the party leader and chairman of the committee, while the new secretary general is Gervais Henrie and Devika Vidot is the new treasurer.

The eight elected committee members are Satya Naidu, Philippe Monthy, Regina Esparon, François Adelaide, Kelly Saminadin, Wavel Woodcock, Flory Larue and Jean-François Ferrari.


27.03: Nissa Joseph receives her award certificate as the recipient of this year’s CBS postgraduate scholarship under its Guy Morel High Achievement Scholarship Programme.


28.03 : Un service de prière d'action de grâce multiconfessionnel a lieu à la State House initié par le Président Wavel Ramkalawan.

La cérémonie réunisse tous les représentants des différentes confessions / groupes religieux, les ministres, les membres du judiciaire, le commissaire de la police des Seychelles, les représentants de l'agence des soins de santé et du ministère de la santé.


29.03: The government of Seychelles signs a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to modernise and transform the public service..

Under the agreement, the two parties will cooperate to improve and develop government activities and practices “through exchanging knowledge, experience, best practices and benefiting from their mutual expertise”.


30.03: Seychelles wins the gold award at the Dubai Expo 2020 for best sustainable district interior design of the pavilion.

At the Dubai Expo 2020, Seychelles features in the sustainability pavilion of the world event under the theme ‘Preserve Nature’.


31.03: As of March 31, 2022, Seychellois citizens no longer have to pay for a Travel Authorization when travelling home on their Seychelles passport.

This means that they will now submit their documents via the Seychelles Travel Authorization platform free of charge.


31.03: Chief registration officer Wilfred Uranie certifies the voters’ register of 2022 before handing it over to chief electoral officer Manuella Amesbury.




01.04: The Beau Vallon petrol station re-opens and resumes operations after undergoing six months of renovation work. The station was built 40 years ago.


02.04: Manmzel Elsia Françoise, reprezantan Sesel kot premye konkour labote enternasyonal ‘Miss Environment International’ an Lenn, i reisi fini parmi le dis finalis.


02.04: A voluntary cleaning session, drawing together people from all around the country and all sectors of the society, including cabinet ministers, take place at Corgat Estate, considered as one of the most frequented drug hot-spots in the country.

The aim of the exercise is to deter the illegal activities that are rife there.


04.04: A team from the World Trade Organisation (WTO) conducts Seychelles’ first trade policy review.

Trade policy review mechanism objective includes facilitation and smooth functioning of the multilateral trading system by enhancing the transparency of members’ trade policies.


06.04: To commemorate international day of sport for development and peace, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth, Sports and Family sign a memorandum of understanding to foster closer cooperation in the promotion, awareness raising and advocacy of the benefits of physical education and sports.


07.04: The chief of mission of the International Organisation for Migration to Mauritius and Seychelles, Céline Lemmel, presents her credentials to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Sylvestre Radegonde.


07.04: The head of state, President Wavel Ramkalawan, visits two local health centres – Beau Vallon and Anse Boileau – as a gesture of appreciation for the devotion and commitment of the staff in their work, and also to meet and greet them on the occasion of the World Health Day which is celebrated on April 7.


07.04: Justice Samia Andre is sworn in as a Justice on the Court of Appeal following her appointment by President Wavel Ramkalawan.

She is the third female to be appointed to serve on the highest Court of our country.


08.04: President Wavel Ramkalawan meets with the Retailers Association of Seychelles to understand their concerns and challenges in a bid to find a collaborative solution for the country to lower the cost of living.


08.04: The Minister for Fisheries and the Blue Economy, Jean-François Ferrari, represents Seychelles at the 7th meeting of Ministers for Fisheries and Aquaculture from the African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) taking place in Accra, Ghana.


08.04: Nine seafarers‒ eight males and one female ‒ of the eighth cohort 2022 and who will be embarking on a prospective seafaring career with the Seychelles Petroleum Company, receive their certificates after completing two months and three weeks pre-sea training at the Seychelles Maritime Academy.


08.04: All five accused persons in the firearms and prevention of terrorism case brought by the Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles plead not guilty to each of their respective charges. There are 29 counts against them (the 29 counts are similar but each one is counted for each accused person so in total it makes 29).

The five accused are Mukesh Valabhji, his wife Laura Valabhji, Leslie Benoiton, Leopold Payet and Frank Marie.





11.05: Seychelles Coast Guard ship (SCGS) Zoroaster makes its first successful illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing interception since she was commissioned in June 2021.

The boat intercepted originates from Sri Lanka with six fishermen on board.


12.05: A project aimed at improving the communication skills of eight young girls with different forms of speech difficulties is officially launched at the Beau Vallon primary school.

Funded by the Seychelles Women’s Trust Fund (SWTF), the project is the brainchild of Melina Amedee, a speech pathologist by profession.


12.05: In response to the results of a survey conducted in 2019 to assess the satisfaction of in-patients at the Seychelles Hospital, the Ministry of Health launches a new campaign to further promote compassion in nursing and midwifery practice.


12.05: The new resident representative for the World Health Organisation (WHO) to the Republic of Seychelles, Dr Rex Mpazanje, presents his credentials to the Minister for Health, Peggy Vidot.


12.05: President Wavel Ramkalawan conducts his first visit to the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA).


13.05: The results of a pilot project to test out a blended learning platform in various schools around Mahé is handed over to the Ministry of Education.

The three-month pilot project, nicknamed the Vanilla school (Vschool) project, was conducted by Mavericks Pty Ltd in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

The application education app, created to allow teachers, students and parents to interact through digital classrooms, is packed with tools to share notes, assignments, and modules.


13.05: To commemorate International Nurses’ Day 2022, the Nurses Association of the Republic of Seychelles organises a symposium with the theme ‘Nurses: A voice to lead ‒ nurses ‒ midwives leading the Covid-19 health response in Seychelles’.


13.05: The Indian Defence Forces gift three saluting ceremonial guns with 500 rounds of ammunitions to the Seychelles Defence forces.

The donation also included a wave rider boat.


13.05:President Wavel Ramkalawan, as well as former leaders of the country (namely James Michel and Danny Faure) and the United Seychelles party send messages of condolence to H.R.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, following the passing of the President of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.


16.05: Seychelles hosts the 26th session of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC).

The week-long session is being conducted both live and remotely with the aim of discussing the state of the yellowfin tuna in the Indian Ocean.


17.05: Seychelles hosts the first octopus fishery workshop alongside representatives from Mauritius and Rodrigues.

Facilitated by the UNDP and Ecofish programme, the workshop is aimed at sharing best practices and improving octopus fishery in Seychelles.


17.05: A memorandum of understanding (MoU) is signed between the department of Family within the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports and the Padayachy Funeral Investment through which all funeral arrangements will be covered for all residents of existing homes under the jurisdiction of the department of Family at an agreeable fee.


17.05 : Madanm Bibianne Thérèse Mein, enn bann santener dan nou pei, i kit nou a laz



18.05: Seychelles’ Minister for Transport, Antony Derjacques, attends the Future Aviation Forum, an event held under the patronage of the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz at King Abdulaziz International Conference Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


18.05: The Association of Women in the Maritime Sector in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region (Womesa) under the auspices of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) organises a special event at the Seychelles Maritime Academy to commemorate the International Day for Women in Maritime.


19.05: Two producers of frozen tuna – Opagac (Spain) and Orthongel (France) – sign a memorandum of understanding with local firm Brikole Ltd to carry out a waste management and recycling system of exhausted fishing nets and other fishing gear in Seychelles.


19.05: The Ministry of Education organizes a first symposium under the theme ‘Working together to raise attainment for all learners’ following the continuous poor performance of pupils at IGCSE and A-level.


19.05: President Wavel Ramkalawan tours the Seychelles National Museum of History.

The visit coincides with the International Museum Day on May 18, and was celebrated this year under the theme ‘The Power of Museums’, aimed at exploring the potential of museums to bring about positive change in their communities.


20.05: President Wavel Ramkalawan visits the inner islands of Praslin and La Digue to review the progress on ongoing development projects on both islands.


20.05: GranKaz donates twenty specialised clinical laboratory test kits (Xpert BCR-ABL-10) to the Ministry of Health.

The donation will go directly to the Oncology Unit to be used for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia patients.


22.05: The National Assembly has considered and approved for the setting up of a national award system.

The awards will recognise officially and legally individuals, both Seychellois and foreigners, for their action of excellence, merit, courage, effort and service towards and for our country.


24.05: The Ministry of Education in partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) opens a new COL Open and e-learning centre (COL Odel) to strengthen its ICT resources and capacities, as well as to enhance its blended learning and open and distance learning courses.

The centre is located at the ministry’s headquarters, Mont Fleuri.


25.05: FetAfrik 2022 is officially launched at the National Museum of History with cultural music and dance performances amid an African ambience.


27.05: The Seychelles Pension Fund (SPF) officially opens a micro enterprise project as part of its long-term strategy to sustain the pension scheme.

The ‘Dreamgate Complex’ for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and offices is located at Ile Du Port. 


28.05: A sixteen-year-old pilot, Mack Rutherford, who is flying solo around the world, lands in Seychelles. Through his ‘Macksolo’ project, the young pilot is attempting to break the current world record of being the youngest person to fly solo around the world.


28.05: Angela Victorin, a resident of Anse Aux Pins, celebrates her 100th birthday.


29.05: One of the elders of the Seychelles botanical world, Katy Beaver, is honoured for her great contributions in promoting and protecting the country’s green environment through a plaque erected at the Tea Tavern Restoration Site at Sans Soucis.


30.05: With the coming into force of the National Awards Act 2022, President Wavel Ramkalawan appoints the members of the National Awards Committee which will be responsible for receiving and assessing nominations from members of the public for the Award of Honour and for the Award of Merit under the Act.

The National Awards committee will be chaired by Robert Grandcourt.  The other five members of the committee are Patrick Mathiot, Sister Nita Servina, Herman Maria, Gemma Jessy and Lena Desaubin. 


31.05: Anse Etoile primary school hosts a ceremony in commemoration of its 25th anniversary.





01.06 : Pour marquer le mois des fiertés, l’association « Lesbienne, Gay, Bisexuel, Transgenre, Intersexe Seychelles » (LGBTI Sey) en collaboration avec l’Ambassade de France aux Seychelles donnent le coup d’envoi des activités pour le mois des fierté et lancent le premier festival du film LGBTI aux Seychelles.


01.06: Baie Ste Anne primary school celebrates its 15th Anniversary and the opening of a new reading kiosk in the school’s garden.


01.06: It’s double celebrations at the Plaisance secondary school as the institution marks its 30th anniversary as well as Children’s Day.


01.06: To mark Children’s Day, President Wavel Ramkalawan and First Lady Linda Ramkalawan host a reception at State House for children with special needs.


02.06: Pupils from Glacis primary school are gifted with a variety of toys, books and various other gift items from the Chinese embassy to mark Children’s Day celebrated on June 1.


03.06: Anse Aux Pins primary school signs a memorandum of understanding with the Seychelles Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture for the school’s farming project.

The farming project is a form of therapy for certain students with specific learning difficulties.


03.06: The Bel Ombre primary school unveils its Hall of Fame and honours four former primary pupils who performed outstandingly in their 2021 examinations.

The Overall Best Achievement award is received by Lyanne Gonthier. Anil Elizabeth, Leyhla Sofa, and Cayla Marie receive Best Academic Achievement awards for their dedication and commitment towards their studies.


03.06: The Supreme Court of Seychelles sentences Ken Wess Jean-Charles and Sindu Cliff Parekh to life in prison after being found guilty for the death of Berney Rupert Appasamy whose decomposed body was found shallowly buried at Bougainville, Takamaka on September 23, 2021.


03.06: A new autism centre is inaugurated by First Lady Linda Ramkalawan at North East Point. The centre will be managed by the non-governmental organisation ‘Autism Seychelles’ which currently employs two full-time staff and one part-timer.


04.06: Parti United Seychelles (US) i lans son nouvo tenm – ‘Nouvo US – Sel Opsyon pour Sesel’ – pandan son 35enm Kongre anyel.

Pandan kongre US i osi anons nouvo reprezantan lo Komite Santral parti depi dernyen rasanbleman le 6 Novanm lannen pase. Nouvo manm se Paul Ernesta, Wilfred Freminot e Denis Rose, ki nouvo tyermenn foronm lazenes United Seychelles.


06.06: The Minister for Education, Dr Justin Valentin, officially launches Career’s Week 2022 which is being held under the theme ‘Our Education: A preparation for our Future’ (‘Nou Ledikasyon: En Preparasyon Pour Nou Lavenir’).


08.06: In his message on the occasion of World Oceans Day, the Minister for Fisheries & the Blue Economy, Jean-François Ferrari, urges everyone in Seychelles and abroad to keep challenging their colleagues at work, school or even their neighbours to make an individual commitment to a more ocean-friendly lifestyle.


08.06: The Minister for Employment and Social Affairs, Patricia Francourt, is in Geneva, Switzerland heading a tripartite delegation from Seychelles at the 110th session of the International Labour Conference (ILC), organised by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).


09.06: President Wavel Ramkalawan visits for the first time the China funded Seychelles Broadcasting and Television Centre, better known as the SBC House, under construction at Union Vale.

This is at the invitation of the Chinese embassy in Seychelles.


10.06: JK Parcou building, a new, modern office block housing different businesses and situated just at the entrance of the Providence commercial centre, is officially opened.

The building was a dream project of the late Julien Keven Parcou but he passed away before it was completed. His wife, Rosita Parcou, decided to take on and continue the project and complete the work of her late husband.

In total the whole project has cost R17 million.


10.06: The Trade division of the Ministry of Finance, National Planning and Trade launches its newly re-designed Seychelles Trade Portal.

The re-designed portal, an online one-stop-shop which maps out all import and export procedures and fees, has been funded by the European Union Commission (EU) through the 11th EDF EPA Programme. 


11.06: A bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi in his traditional costume, wearing a spectacle while holding his walking stick, is unveiled at the Peace Park, facing the Freedom Square in Victoria.

The statue commemorates the life, achievements and contributions of Mahatma Gandhi, known as the father of the Indian Nation.


12.06: The Minister for Finance, National Planning and Trade, Naadir Hassan, is in Geneva, Switzerland, attending the 12th World Trade Organisation (WTO) ministerial conference.



14.06: President Wavel Ramkalawan gives his assent to the 10th amendment of the Constitution which is to alter the provisions of the Constitution relevant to the Defence Forces.

This gives right to the Seychelles Defence Forces to enforce domestic law in relation to public security, environmental protection and maritime security.


14.06: All 25 State primary schools in the country receive their share of new story books from a donation of 5000 books made by the Giraffe Book Shop.


14.06: On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day 2022, for the first time in Seychelles, regular and consistent donors are invited for a special event at State House at the invitation of President Wavel Ramkalawan.



16.06: The body of a second Spanish sailor is removed from the foreign fishing vessel where an ammonia leak the day before caused the death of two crew members while the remaining crew were rescued by local emergency services assisted by port authorities. The body of the first Spanish sailor was removed on Wednesday night.


17.06: Seven artists specialising in various forms of art are presented with their flight tickets to attend the second Mauritius International Arts Fair (MIAF).

The seven artists are Daniel Dodin, Barry Gertrude, Christine Payet, Karyn Zialor and Juliette Zelime in the visual arts category, Steve Marie and Vanessa Lucas for sculpture and photography respectively


18.06: The official flag raising ceremony to mark Constitution Day (June 18) takes place on the three main islands of Seychelles – Mahé, Praslin and La Digue – albeit at different intervals.

The first time the ceremony was held on all three islands simultaneously was in 2019.


20.06: President Wavel Ramkalawan holds his second live press conference for this year.


20.06: The Seychelles Police Force (SPF) launches its strategic plan 2023-2025.


21.06 : L’Evêque de Port-Victoria Mgr Alain Harel et le Chancelier du Diocèse Père Edwin Mathiot signent un Décret de Promulgation indiquant les procédures à suivre par toute personne se trouvant en présence d’allégation d’abus sexuels sur mineurs impliquant un clerc (évêque, prêtre et diacre).


22.06: Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS) donates some commemorative items for the occasion of our upcoming National Day celebrations.

The donations consist of around a thousand Seychelles flag themed hand clappers, key-rings and limited edition parasols with the Seychelles flag’s colours.


23.06: A delegation from the Ministry of Education led by the principal secretary for Education Services, Merna Eulentin, attend the 6th Annual Conference on Special Needs and Disability Compliance in Basic and Higher Education held in South Africa.


23.06: The Seychelles Petroleum Company (Seypec) and the Seychelles Defence Forces (SDF) sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the establishment of a framework of cooperation and assistance between them.

According to the terms of the MoU, Seypec will spend R5.3 million to support SDF to increase its fuel capacity at the Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG) base to 30,000 litres of motor gasoline and gas oil, provide a 6,000-litre aircraft fuel mobile bowser for the Seychelles Air Force (SAF) and set up a fuel storage tank of 40,000 litres of gas oil for Assumption Island Coast Guard Station. 


23.06: The British High Commission (BHC) donates two Mavic Air 2 drones to the Seychelles

Parks and Gardens Authority (SPGA) with the aim of enhancing the latter’s capacity to

effectively monitor its expanded terrestrial parks and ensure the preservation of protected


25.06: Philip Lepere, the legendary icon in the art of watch and jewelry repair as well as engraving passes away.


26.06: The long awaited Seychelles Chinese Cultural Centre (Sant Kiltirel Sinwan Sesel) formerly known as the Chinese Pagoda situated on Benezet Street is officially opened.

President Wavel Ramkalawan; the Chinese ambassador to Seychelles, Guo Wei and the chairperson of the Chinese Association of Seychelles(CAS), Robert Chong Seng cut the ribbon to open the centre.


29.06: President Wavel Ramkalawan welcomes the Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the United Arab Emirates, His Excellency Sheikh Shakhboot Nahyan Al Nahyan, at State House.

Minister Shakhboot is the special guest for the Seychelles National Day celebrations representing His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates and Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.


29.06: In commemoration of its 50th anniversary and the National Day, Seychelles Breweries Ltd (SBL)  unveils three new labels for its Seybrew beer.

The three labels, designed by well known graphic artist Michael Arnephie, depict the beauty and essence of each of the three main islands – Mahé, Praslin and La Digue – as well as celebrate the 50-year reign of Seybrew on these three islands.


29.06: President Wavel Ramkalawan, accompanied by the Commissioner of the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC), Veronique Herminie, lays the foundation stone for a new building which will house the SRC headquarters.

The new building will be built next to  the International Conference Centre (ICCS) on Bois de Rose Avenue.


30.06: Cabinet approves for a temporary financial relief package for lower income earners. It is expected that 23,000 people are expected to benefit from this package of measures that will remain in force for six months.


30.06: A group of students are rewarded after being selected as outstanding learners by Cambridge.

For the year 2021, thirty-six (36) students from eight schools in Seychelles have won 52 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards.

Out of the lot, three students have been awarded as top in the world. They are Rahul Rajesh (Independent School), Turissa Sullivan (Independent School) and Sylvius Laporte (Seychelles Institute of Arts and Design). 


30.06: Lawyer Nichol Gabriel is sentenced to one year and six months in prison and to pay a fine of R80,000, but the prison sentence has been suspended for three years while he will have to pay the fine to ensure he does not repeat a similar offence.

This follows lawyer Gabriel’s involvement in the purchase of a house and plot of land as part of a money-laundering scheme.





01.07: Seventeen students who have been selected by the Save our Seas Foundation and the Ministry of Education to go on a trip to D’Arros Island, receive their travel documents.

The students aged from 11 to 14 years were selected after winning a drawing competition which was launched in September 2021, in which they had to draw a superhero capturing three topics about the environment – that is climate change, over fishing and marine pollution. 


01.07: Antonio Constance, better known as Mazaren, passes away at his home at Belvedere at the age of 87.

He was a well-known and well respected person in the field of conservation for his vast knowledge of the nature around Seychelles’ many islands, his great experience as a seafarer which made him an expert in the different weather conditions, and his love for our sea turtles and land tortoises.


01.07: ‘One Seychelles’ announces the appointment of Yvon Esther as the new interim president and temporary secretary general of the political party.

This follows the resignation of Peter Sinon from the two posts.


01.07: The board of directors and staff of Nouvobanq warmly welcome Christophe Edmond, as he joins the Bank as the new CEO, taking over from Ahmad Saeed, the bank’s long-serving and founding CEO.


01.07: The James Michel Foundation, in collaboration with Deakin University's Blue Carbon Lab,  completes a project funded by the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation on blue carbon opportunities in Seychelles.

This project has explored Seychelles’ blue carbon future and now presents a long-term roadmap to establish a nationwide evidence-based programme, geared towards the protection and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems for climate change mitigation and adaptation.


01.07: Five local artists open a new art gallery at Roche Caiman.

‘Dream Gallery’ is a collaboration between local artists Isham Rath, Peter Lalande, Laurent Alis, Alyssa Adam and Tristan Adam and the owner of KeyFrame Seychelles, Tamara Maurel.

The gallery is housed in the newly constructed building next to Fresh Cuts butchery


02.07: The Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the United Arab Emirates, His Excellency Sheikh Shakhboot Nahyan Al Nahyan, currently on an official visit in Seychelles representing His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates and Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, visits two key projects financed by the UAE – the Orchid Housing Estate in the district of Grand Anse, Mahé and the wind turbines on Ile du Port.


02.07: Alexander Mancham, son of the late founding President of Seychelles, Sir James Mancham, hands over an assortment of personal possessions of his late father to the National Museum of History.

Sir James Mancham was the president of Seychelles from 1976 to 1977 and he passed away on January 8, 2017.


02.07: After two years of absence, the National Day Parade returns with more vibrancy and this time it takes place along some major streets of Victoria compared to the Stad Linite venue as was the case in the past.

(Seychelles celebrates its National Day on June 29 but this year the parade was postponed to July 2 on account of bad weather.)


04.07: The Supreme Cout orders the destruction and disposal of some 160 grenades which were among the cache of arms and ammunitions found at Laura and Mukesh Valabhji’s home at Morne Blanc last year.


04.07: Six State primary schools are being introduced to the Britannica Digital Learning UK platform, as part of the Ministry of Education and Britannica’s pilot project here.

This project is being introduced to the schools of Seychelles through a series of workshop sessions for the teachers and head teachers of the schools.


06.07: The British high commission launches the ‘Veterans’ Voices’ booklet to recognise and celebrate the invaluable contributions made by Seychellois veterans who served in the British Armed Forces.

The booklet recounts the experiences of Seychellois veterans of the British military.


08.07: Prezidan Wavel Ramkalawan i vizit lekol primer Plaisance. Sa vizit, ki son premye kot en lekol leta, i vin atraver en demann fer par Rafael Mein, en pti garson 8-an sorti dan P3(4), ki i ti fer dan en let ki i ti adres Prezidan le 2 Zen sa lannen pour demann li pour vin vizit son lekol.


08.07 : L’Université des Seychelles et la Commission de l’Océan Indien (COI) signent un protocole d’accord-cadre entre eux.

Le but est de définir les orientations et le cadre général des relations entre les deux parties pour favoriser le développement d'activités collaboratives.


08.07: In its effort to re-look how to move forward with Corporate Social Responsibility, touching everyone in the community, Seychelles Breweries launches a new foundation which will cater for local community projects.

The new foundation will commit an initial sum of R2 million, allocated to support any community projects and initiative in the country.


08.07: The Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority honours a group of 51 employees who have attained a culmination of 10 to 40 years of employment, with  senior airside operation officer Darell Pouponneau of the Praslin airport clocking a total of 40 years of loyal service within the company.


08.07: The first international symposium organised by the Danny Faure Foundation (DFF) on the theme ‘The Health of Our Ocean’ is held in London.


09.07: The Institute of Early Childhood Development accredits 22 new prospective childminders, following successful completion of the ninth pre-registration and sensitisation programme held this year between April and June.

The 22 prospective childminders are now eligible to begin the necessary formalities to register their services with the IECD


09.07: The Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation organises a workshop for caregivers with the aim of boosting their knowledge in giving quality care for a senior suffering from dementia, including general daily responsibilities.


09.07: Marie Rosine César of North East Point, Glacis, celebrates her 101st birthday.


09.07: A new project under the theme ‘Peser An Mouvman’ is launched with the aim of developing the skills of Mahé-based fishermen through capacity building on how to conduct research, write projects, manage fiscal accounts and put in practice good governance, accountability and transparency.

The project is an initiative of the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (Ceps), with funding – R774,280 – from the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) under its Blue Grant Fund (BGF).


09.07: President Wavel Ramkalawan continues with his series of visits to the inner islands of Praslin and La Digue to view progress on ongoing projects.


11.07: Lekol Plaisance segonder ek Lakademi Letid Biznes Sesel (SBSA) i gran venker konkour diskour lo tenm ‘Les Zanfan Reste Zanfan’ ki ti lanse par konsey Nasyonal pour Zanfan (NCC) dan kad ‘Festival Zanfan’ an Zen sa lannen.

Meyer orater pour segonder i Elyn Boudanne aze 13-an sorti dan S2(1) lekol Plaisance tandis ki meyer pour pos-segonder i Jean-Luc Barra aze 19-an sorti SBSA.


11.07 : L’Académie du Tourisme des Seychelles signe une nouvelle convention de coopération éducative avec deux lycées hôteliers de La Réunion ‒ le Lycée Professionnel Hôtelier La Renaissance et le Lycée d’Enseignement Général et Technologique Evariste De Parny.


12.07: The first component of work to construct a centralised sewerage system for La Digue begins.

It involves the installation of a sewer collection system along the coast of La Digue. 


12.07: The Anse Boileau primary and the Plaisance secondary schools are the grand winners of the inter-school ‘Moutya’ competition.

The competition was part of activities for the Children Festival launched by the National Council for Children (NCC) for the month of June under the theme ‘Les zanfan reste zanfan’.


13.07 : L’Ambassadrice de Chine aux Seychelles, Son Excellence Mme Guo Wei fait un don de 19,000 dollars américains (soit environ 267 000 roupies seychelloises) au Paradis des Enfants.

L’argent sera utilisé pour acheter un fauteuil volant de 16 places pour le parc d’attraction, une première pour les Seychelles. .


17.07 : Suite à son ordination presbytérale, Romeo Perry Bonne est le premier prêtre seychellois à intégrer la Congrégation de Saint-Esprit, devenant un prêtre du groupe Spiritain des Seychelles


18.07: In the ongoing court case for the murder of Sherleytine Ernesta, the two accused – Lussel Labiche, 44 years old and Ashten Elisabeth, 18 years old, plead ‘not guilty’ before the Supreme Court.

The two accused have three charges brought against them: The first is conspiracy to commit the offense namely murder; secondly aiding and abetting a person to commit the offense of murder and thirdly murder.


19.07: The division of science technology and innovation (DSTI) officially launches the second edition of the ‘Open Innovation Challenge for Climate Change’.

The aim of the competition is to encourage the participation and enthusiasm of pupils in Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and frontier technologies to tackle climate change.


19.07: Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is on a three-day state visit in the country, addresses members of the National Assembly.


19.07: Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta visits the Unesco World Heritage Site of Vallée de Mai as well as other places of interest on Praslin.


19.07: A committee is set up to repeal the 2013 Act of the Agency for National Human Resource Development (ANHRD).

It follows the decision by Cabinet to dissolve the ANHRD and replace it by a new division within the Ministry of Education that will oversee the scholarship admini

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