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Yachting: National Championships |19 September 2019

Yachting: National Championships

Laser Radial winner Paul Morel

Mathiot, Labrosse, Julie and Morel winners


The Seychelles Yachting Association held its National Championships over the weekend and as expected the favourites in the various categories led the different regattas, earning the top spots in the overall rankings.

There were five races in each class.

In the Optimist group, Dean Mathiot won three races, which along with a third-place and fourth-place finishes earned him a grand total of six points, placing him on top in the group.

Yves Fock-Heng was second overall on seven points, finishing ahead of third-placed Fabio Bertola-Thevenon who finished on 10 points.

In the Laser 4.7 class, Dominique Labrosse was the grand winner after winning three races and twice finished in second position.

The result earned him five points, placing him ahead of Loïc D’Offay who was second overall on seven points.

With 10 points, Ryan Alcindor finished third in the group.

Three wins and two second-place finishes earned veteran sailor Allan Julie five points, putting him on top in the Laser Open competition.

Rodney Govinden was second in the group on 11 points, ahead of Paul Morel who finished third.

Morel was in action again in the Laser Radial where he managed to redeem himself, finishing first on six points from two wins and three runner-up spots.

He finished ahead of Kenny Constance who was second overall and Ray Potter came third in the group.

The National Championship also included windsurfing where the boarders contested in six races.

With five first positions and a third-place finish, Bertrand Lablache accumulated five points to top the series, finishing ahead of Jean-Marc Gardette who was second on 10 points after winning one race and grabbing three second positions, along with two third place finish.

Jacquelin Languilla was third overall after three second place and three third place finishes.

The next event on the yachting calendar is the Cascade Slipway regatta which will take place next Saturday.

The complete results of the National Championships

National Optimist championship

  1. Dean Mathiot
  2. Yves Fock-Heng
  3. Fabio Bertola-Thevenon
  4. Luca Marzocchi
  5. Laurent Contoret
  6. Stephanie Lalande
  7. Travis Ho-Peng
  8. Odysius Melanie

National Laser 4.7 championship

  1. Dominique Labrosse
  2. Loïc D’Offay
  3. Ryan Alcindor
  4. Chantal Hoffman

National Laser Open championship

  1. Allan Julie
  2. Rodney Govinden
  3. Paul Morel
  4. Kenny Constance
  5. Ray Potter

National Laser Radial championship

  1. Paul Morel
  2. Kenny Constance
  3. Ray Potter

National Windsurfing championship

1. Bertrand Lablache

2. Jean-Marc Gardette

3. Jacquelin Languilla

4. Pierre Waltersteiner

5. Danny Gertrude

6. Mervin Edmond

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