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Defence Forces Day   National Asembly’s DSC honours role of defence forces in protecting our Nation   |26 November 2022

“The Seychelles Defence Forces is celebrating the 40th year of the Defence Forces Day. A moment of celebration, but also a moment of reflection of what took place on November 25, 1981 and the contribution of the Defence Forces to Nation building, which has brought about much transformation and achievements.

“On this occasion, the Defence and Security Committee of the National Assembly extends its heartfelt greetings to the brave soldiers, sailors, coast guards and airmen of the Seychelles Defence Forces who are well committed to protecting our Nation from any external threat but also the role they have been entrusted with under the Constitution in the fight against criminal activities on our territory.

“At this moment, we also remember our departed and ex-servicemen and servicewomen who have served and influenced the development of our country and their contribution to our freedom and safety. Indeed, our country has been blessed by your dedication to serving your people and we salute you.

“Dear officers of the Defence Forces, as we continue as a Nation to progress in the face of unprecedented challenges, the scope of your roles and functions will continue to change to adapt to the country’s vision, but you must never forget the fundamental reason of your existence and that is to guarantee the safety of this Nation and the freedom which promotes the peacefulness of our beloved country. We therefore count on your alertness to deter any possible aggression in whatever form.

“To end, the Defence and Security Committee of the National Assembly wishes once again to congratulate the Seychelles Defence Forces on their day and thank all officers for their courage and continued devotion in protecting the integrity of our country and defending our Nation’s peace and security.

“We honour you all, happy Defence Forces Day!”


Press release from the National Assembly secretariat

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