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Minister Valentin satisfied with visits for 2022 |19 November 2022

Minister Valentin satisfied with visits for 2022
  • Special assembly for students sitting upcoming exams


To conclude its visits at the various educational institutions, the Minister for Education, Dr Justin Valentin, yesterday visited the Pointe Larue primary school.

The school also hosted a special assembly to pray for all the students who will be sitting the upcoming national exams.

The teachers and students alike had some reflections and the head teacher of the school, Milena Medor, shared that the few days remaining should be left for the children to prepare themselves so that they can make a difference in the final results.

“In your journey through you should appreciate the years dedicated towards your own development and make sure you succeed.”

After the assembly, Minister Valentin accompanied by principal secretary Merna Eulentin, met with the management team and the parents-teachers association.


Review of year 2022

Approaching the end of academic year 2022, Minister Valentin shared that he is “very satisfied with what they have achieved together. I visited many schools. This year has been very eventful and we managed to show our strength in a number of ways. Generally, we were excellent in all the activities that we held nationally such as our education day celebration in January, the assessment symposium, children’s day activities, the children’s participation in the national day, the inter school athletics championship, the various TV quiz contests, the teachers’ day activities, and the launching of the school-based Lospitalite clubs, just to name a few.”

During the year, refreshed the minister, several schools initiated many school-based activities for both their children and parents through generous donors.

“We received donations from parents, and from both local and international organisations. We saw our students doing very well in most of the activities organised for them. They did well in national and international examinations; students did exceptionally well in the recent science fair competition; and very well in the Global robotic challenge in Geneva.

During the year, the Ministry of Education collaborated with other ministries and the students were able to participate in various activities where they excelled.

Regarding expatriates, Minister Valentin urged them to feel free and confident to share good practices from their country.

“I subscribe to the idea of bringing into our education system an international approach to teaching and learning – though I believe in contextualizing teaching. During the course of the coming weeks, I will be setting up the language, culture & society working group, as a way of having a strong team which will have as a specific target, to nurture into our students an appreciation for language and culture. I want to see more students willing to know other cultures, and learn new languages.”

Minister Valentin commended all the head teachers who try their best to keep their schools welcoming and shared that the plan of the Ministry of Education is to move forward Education such as focusing on the technical subjects.

“As from next year, we will work on projects that will have an impact on the schools. We have a plan that we are following and we need the collaboration of the teachers and parents. We all know students lack of activities and I highly encourage teachers to initiate projects that can be realised and make the students happy. It will be the same message that we will start 2023 with,” concluded Minister Valentin.

As from next year, already there is a working group on visual, performing and media art and the curriculum will be reviewed.

Peith Desnousse, a P6 pupil, wished all the students good luck in their exams and asked them to make the most of it in order to get good results to secure a good place in S1. “I want to be a geologist in the future and this is one step closer to my dream.”

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the visit at the Pointe Larue primary school.


Vidya Gappy

Photos: Louis Toussaint


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